6 NFL Players That Could Face Disaster Scenarios in 2011

Hayden Bird@haydenhbirdCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2011

6 NFL Players That Could Face Disaster Scenarios in 2011

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    At the beginning of every NFL season, even fans of the most downtrodden franchises can have a glimmer of hope.

    This is the NFL, where teams like the Patriots, the Saints and the Bucs have proven that fortunes can turn around quickly.

    Yet in the back of every NFL player's mind is more than just the possibility for things to get better.

    Inevitably, there's the chance things could get dramatically worse.

    Here's a look at a few possible disasters.

6) Tim Tebow, Quarterback

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    Tebow is an interesting case because he has so much baggage as an NFL player and he has hardly even played.

    His college heroics are actually kind of a bad thing for his career right now, since unreasonable expectations are attached to him.

    The worst case scenario for him would be getting beat out by Brady Quinn for the No. 3 spot on the depth chart.

    For the moment, it appears he's headed down that road.

5) Osi Umenyiora, Defensive End

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    Osi has been fighting a very public battle with the Giants' front office, accusing Giants GM Jerry Reese of lying to him.

    Yet if he can't straighten all of this out and get healthy again following surgery on his knee, then the joke could be on Osi.

    The fact is, the Giants may very well be able to replace the standout defensive end with the up-and-coming Jason Pierre-Paul.

    Osi's contract demands will turn to dust if JPP stars chalking up sacks as the new starter.

4) Albert Haynesworth, Defensive Tackle

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    Like Tebow, you probably could have predicted that Haynesworth would be on this list.

    He stands to lose quite a bit if things don't work out in New England. If he gets cut, that could be it.

    So we'll see how many downs Fat Albert gets in on, or how he handles the coaching in New England.

    After seeing Randy Moss, it's clear that the Patriots don't let bad things brew for long.

3) Tony Romo, Quarterback

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    Being on this list is nothing new for Tony Romo. In fact, we could almost rename the list "The Tony Romo Memorial Disaster Scenarios List" because of its relevance to the Dallas quarterback.

    Romo is usually one bad season or even bad game away from disaster.

    Yet if he can stay healthy this year, then it should be his biggest test. For one of the first times in his career as a starter, Dallas enters this season no longer the most talented team in their division.

    Assuming the underdog role could be a good thing, but it could also lead to trouble.

2) Chris Johnson, Running Back

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    Johnson has a few disaster scenarios attached to him.

    The first would be if he came back without a new contract and got hurt. But that's too obvious. The "Boobie Miles" scenario has been played out before with running backs.

    What if Johnson does decide to hold out? And then, to compound things even more, the Titans start winning against all odds?

    That would be a nightmare scenario for Johnson, whose chief leverage right now is that he's the franchise.

1) Peyton Manning, Quarterback

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    This one has the lowest probability of coming to fruition, but it also could cause the greatest amount of damage.

    Say Peyton Manning has a bigger problem than we all think, and say he misses more than just one or two games; the disaster wouldn't be necessarily for Manning, whose legacy is set in stone, but for the Colts.

    More than any other single player in the league, Peyton's presence alone shows up in the win column for Indi.

    If he wasn't there, then the corresponding drop off in wins would be devastating for the Colts. They could go from 10-6 to 6-10 and be lucky to have even that many wins.

    If Peyton Manning has more issues than we think, the Colts will be an unmitigated disaster.