Clinton Portis and 10 NFL Free Agents Who Could Sign After Week 1

Alex Hall@@AlexKHallCorrespondent IIIAugust 23, 2011

Clinton Portis and 10 NFL Free Agents Who Could Sign After Week 1

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    The chaotic period that was the first few weeks of NFL free agency this offseason have come and gone, leaving some quality players still looking for jobs.

    Clinton Portis is just one of several players who could be signed after the regular season begins and contribute to whichever team takes a flier on them.

Tiki Barber

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    While several teams have shown some interest in the return of Tiki Barber, the former New York Giant remains a free agent.

    NBC Miami reported earlier in August that the Dolphins worked out Barber, however nothing came of it. Others have speculated that the Steelers and Buccaneers could be interested due to needs at a number two running back, and both could still be possibilities if the formerly retired rusher stays unsigned.

    Barber was once a quality running back in the early 2000s but it's possible many teams just don't think he has anything left in the tank. If the former Virginia Cavalier receives a chance to play however, he could turn into a nice surprise change of pace back for the team who signs him.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

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    T.J. Houshmandzadeh is another former big name talent from the past decade that has recently fallen from grace. After leaving Cincinnati in 2008 for the Seattle Seahawks, Housh failed to deliver on his big contract signing with his new squad.

    The mediocrity continued after landing in Baltimore last season, where he failed to catch more than four balls in a single game.

    Still, the talent that he's flashed in the past should be enough for a team stricken by injury or poor play from their receiving corps should allow Houshmandzadeh to find himself making the league minimum for a team once the regular season is underway.

Daunte Culpepper

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    When your team has to call in Daunte Culpepper for a workout, you know you have issues at quarterback. The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly worked out the former Minnesota Viking turned journeyman, looking to provide a challenge for Alex Smith.

    Culpepper makes the list simply because there seems to be a fair chance he lands in San Fran, in which case he could certainly beat out Smith for the starting job. If Culpepper finds himself a starting quarterback this NFL season, he'll make an impact on his team it's just not know if it will be for better or worse.

Carson Palmer

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    Now I understand Carson Palmer isn't a free agent at the moment, but it's feasible to believe that the frustrated Bengal could weasel his way out of his current contract.

    If Palmer is able to find himself on the open market, expect teams to keep his phone ringing. As with many already on this list, the former USC Trojan's name value is based on production from years ago, but with so few quality backup quarterbacks, Palmer will have options.

    Certainly he could even find himself starting somewhere as well, with the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers both coming to mind.

Terrell Owens

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    This slideshow is beginning to have a Bengal driven theme. Well, regardless of what you may feel towards this controversial receiver, Terrell Owens had himself a quality 2010 season.

    Owens posted 983 yards with nine touchdowns with his former team last season, his best offensive output since his last year with the Dallas Cowboys.

    T.O. isn't getting any younger, that's for sure, but a team in need of a quality deep threat and number two receiver should give this 37 year-old a call.

LenDale White

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    Forgotten about LenDale White? You're not alone. The former USC player has found himself the victim of bad luck over the past few seasons.

    After being cut by his one time college coach Pete Carroll in Seattle, White was given a chance in Denver with the Broncos. White would battle to prove he deserved touches all preseason in 2010, only to suffer a torn Achilles tendon in the final week before the regular season.

    Despite an overall bust-worthy career for this powerful rusher, don't forget he did post a downright impressive record of 15 touchdowns for the Tennessee Titans back in 2008. This end zone hawk could prove to be a savvy investment in 2011 for a team looking for a bruiser to put in their goal line offense.

Brett Favre

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    With speculation already surfacing this offseason about a possible return of Brett Favre to the NFL, there's reason to believe we could see number four walk onto the gridiron once again in 2011.

    Favre is just one of those players who can't stay away from the game, and due to his hall of fame worthy track record, a team who is looking for a one year rental to carry their squad to the playoffs could pick up the wily veteran.

    With the aforementioned reports stating that the Philadelphia Eagles were one of the main teams interested in bring Favre back, don't be surprised if he accepts a backup role somewhere down the road this year.

Randy Moss

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    Perhaps in a way only Randy Moss can, the veteran wide receiver found a way to ruin the credit he earned during his time in New England all in half a season.

    After bouncing from three different NFL teams in one season, Moss announced his retirement from the game of football earlier this free agency period.

    Don't think that's the last you'll see of the loud mouthed wide out however, as it's hard to believe all 32 teams would pass up on a receiver with 1,264 yards and 13 touchdowns just two seasons ago.

Lofa Tatupu

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    Every season since 2005, when the Seattle Seahawks drafted the highly touted Lofa Tatupu, the linebacker found a way to disappoint up until 2010.

    Tatupu was sidelined for most of 2009 with an injury, but last season the linebacker suited up for every game with the Seahawks.Tatupu has always been known for his tackling ability and looked himself again last season for the NFC West division champions.

    However, the linebacker and his former team were unable to work a deal to keep him in Seattle.

    Tatupu will be a underrated and very productive linebacker in whatever role he plays with the team that finally pulls the trigger and signs this guy.

Clinton Portis

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    Just as the Washington Redskins realized when they cut ties with Clinton Portis, the rest of the NFL realizes that this running back can no longer be the feature player out of the backfield.

    Portis has recently worked out with the New England Patriots, which is the kind of interest he should expect from teams. NFL team executives will be looking to bring in the longtime Redskin to backup their feature back (or backs) and provide depth in case of the countless running back injuries happens to one of their guys.

    Portis could prove to be a valuable asset to the team willing to sign him if indeed he can regain a fraction of his once dominant form.