Fantasy Football: Sleepers at QB, RB and WR for the 2011 Season

Zacharee CurtisContributor IIIAugust 20, 2011

Fantasy Football: Sleepers at QB, RB and WR for the 2011 Season

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    There are the names that everyone knows to pick in the first few rounds of a draft, but its when you get later in the draft that shows who knows what about football.  

    Championships are won by the teams that know how to pick the players that no one has heard of or take chances on.

    Some of that is luck and some of it is that person is devoted and does some research on players.  

    Well, here are two sleepers at QB, RB and WR for this upcoming season.

QB: Colt McCoy, Cleveland Browns

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    Everyone knows who Colt McCoy is. Last season, McCoy showed signs that he can be an NFL QB and then in the final two games of the season, he threw six interceptions.  This season I expect McCoy to step up and play better than last season.  

    Now, I don't expect him to be like Sam Bradford was last season but he will be a good 2 or 3 option at QB for fantasy teams.  With Peyton Hillis at RB, that should help McCoy's development this season as Stephen Jackson did with Sam Bradford for the Rams.  

    According to ESPN, McCoy is projected for 2,125 passing yards, 17 TDs and 14 INT.

QB: John Beck, Washington Redskins

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    John Beck didn't play a regular season down in 2010, but head coach Mike Shanahan and the Redskins traded for him and talked him up. They then traded McNabb to Minnesota and added only QBs Rex Grossman and Kellen Clemens for competition.

    Beck has one career TD and three interceptions for the Miami Dolphins.  Shanahan likes to use his running game, so this should help with the balance of the offense so the box won't always be full.

    According to ESPN, Beck is projected for 2,000 yards passing, 12 TDs and 14 INT.  Beck is at best a third QB but could be a No. 2 QB if he does what he's told to do, unlike McNabb did last season in DC. 




RB: Joseph Addai, Indianapolis Colts

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    Yep, going with Joseph Addai!! I think this is the year Addai finally becomes what the Colts wanted him to be.

    Peyton Manning is 35 and is coming off his second straight year where he's had neck surgery, so don't be surprised if the Colts go more to the run game early and often while Manning regains his strength.

    I don't expect Donald Brown to be much of a factor this season as he has been the past two seasons. According to ESPN, Addai is projected for 745 rushing yards and 5 rushing TDs and 284 receiving yards and 2 receiving TDs.

    Addai is at best right now a fourth RB, but if he does what I think he's gonna do this season, he's a No. 2 RB!!

RB: Tim Hightower, Washington Redskins

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    Hightower is out of a pass-first team in Arizona and is now playing for a coach that likes to run first in DC. Hightower continued to strengthen his hold over the starting running back position with an impressive performance Friday night in the Redskins' preseason game vs. Indianapolis.  

    According to ESPN, Hightower is projected for 600 yards rushing with 6 TDs and 200 yards receiving with 1 receiving TD. If Hightower is the starter, he's a borderline No. 2 RB but more likely a No. 3 RB for your fantasy team.   

WR: Johnny Knox, Chicago Bears

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    Roy Williams admitted that he is not in shape at this point during camp, which is music to Johnny Knox's ears.  Knox has amazing speed, but his size is what will hurt him in the red zone.

    Last season, Knox had 960 yards receiving and 5 TDs.  I expect Knox to exceed 1,000 yards easily and get near 10 TDs.  According to ESPN, he's projected for 859 yards receiving with 4 TDs.  

    If Knox does what I think that he will do, he's easily a No. 2 WR this season. Now if he does what ESPN has him projected for, he's at best a No. 4 WR.  

WR: Steve Breaston, Kansas City Chiefs

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    Breaston finally became a starter in Arizona last season and they didn't have a QB to throw him the ball.

    In the offseason, he left the desert and signed with KC to be opposite of star WR Dwayne Bowe. Breaston will be a deep threat for Cassel and the Chiefs.

    According to ESPN, Breaston is projected for 710 receiving yards and 2 TDs.  Breaston can be a No. 3 WR for the Chiefs but has the potential to be a No. 2 WR.