MLB Power Rankings: Why the New York Yankees Offense Makes Them the Best in MLB

Danny McMasterContributor IIIAugust 28, 2011

The MLB power rankings rank all of the teams in the MLB weekly. The New York Yankees are currently ranked as No. 2, behind the Phillies. The Yankees pitching may not be the shut-down rotation that the Phillies have, but the Yankees have something the Phillies don't have: the best offense in the MLB.

The Yankees offense has been nothing short of great this season.

This year has been a great combination of multiple guys stepping up and having big years. This year, Curtis Granderson has had an MVP-caliber season, exploding with power numbers that no one could see coming.

In addition to Granderson, Teixeira has been having a good year batting in the three spot, ranking with Granderson at the top of the home run leader boards. Robinson Cano is also playing great this season, repeating his recent success in recent years as both a power and an average threat.

This year, the Yankees offense has lived off the long ball. It is one of the main reasons why the Yankees have the best offense in baseball. They have multiple guys who can hit home runs and put big numbers up on the board for the Yankees with one swing of the bat.

With Granderson (36 HR), Teixeira (35 HR), Cano (22 HR), Nick Swisher (19 HR) and Alex Rodriguez (14 HR) coming off of the DL, the Yankees have put together a lineup with a ridiculous amount of power. As a team, the Yankees have a league-leading 181 home runs, 17 more than the second-best Boston Red Sox.

The Yankees offense has scored 711 runs this year, three less than the Red Sox (who have played three more games than the Yankees). One of the main reasons the Yankees lead the league in runs is because their lineup isn't just power based. This year, the Yankees have a lethal combination of speed and power in their lineup. 

The Yankees have always had a team with lots of power. It is never a surprise to see the Yankees leading the league in home runs. But this year the Yankees lead the league in HR and are second in stolen bases.

The Yankees have 124 stolen bases. Brett Gardner, the Yankees lead-off hitter, leads the team with 37 stolen bases. He is followed by Granderson, who has 24 SB and 34 HR. I add the 34 HR just to remind people how difficult it is for pitchers to deal with Granderson, a guy who can either knock the ball out of the park if you pitch to him, or steal second base if you walk him. 

The Yankees also have Eduardo Nunez, who has 19 stolen bases, and Derek Jeter, even at the age of 37, has still managed to steal 13 bases. 

But the Yankees don't just have a set of power hitters, guys who steal bases and Granderson who does both. 

They also have guys like A-Rod and Cano, who both have tremendous power and the ability to steal bases. Cano has eight SB and 22 HR. Rodriguez has four SB and 14 HR (he has spent most of the season on the DL), and was a former member of the 40-40 club.

The Yankees have a talented lineup this year. In the Yankees first seven hitters (Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher), there are no easy outs.

There are very few lineups in baseball that can even come close to matching the Yankees' combination of speed and power this year. The Yankees offense gives them the ability to have guys like Ivan Nova who have a 4.00 ERA and 13 wins.

Yes, the Phillies pitching may be much better than the Yankees, but the Yankees pitching (besides A.J. Burnett) is not bad. The Yankees offense, however, is on another level than the Phillies. The Yankees offense should rank them above the Phillies in the MLB power rankings. The Phillies would be a very close second, but the Yanks offense is too good.

The Yankees should be No. 1 on the MLB power rankings