NFL Predictions 2011: 3 Reasons Colts Are Bound for Super Bowl XLVI

HJ MaiCorrespondent IIAugust 18, 2011

NFL Predictions 2011: 3 Reasons Colts Are Bound for Super Bowl XLVI

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    The Indianapolis Colts have been a title contender year in and year out for more than a decade.

    However, the results are more than unsatisfying—only two Super Bowl trips and one championship.

    Not good enough, especially for a team that has Peyton Manning as its starting quarterback.

    The 35-year-old Manning has just signed a new contract worth $90 million over the next five years. Five more years to bring home at least one more title to Indy.

    Here are three reasons why the Colts are heading to Super Bowl XLVI.

3. Defense

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    The Colts’ defense has grown used to all of their critiques and haters.

    They are not entirely wrong because Indy’s D is one of worst when it comes to stopping the running game. 100-yard running games for opposing RB are not the exception but the rule in games against the Colts.

    To solve this problem the team signed Jamaal Anderson (DE), Ernie Sims (LB) and Tommie Harris (DT) during the offseason.

    Indianapolis’ defense is indeed undersized and most of the time a liability, but they have also proved from time to time that they have the ability to stop anybody.  

2. Health

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    No team in the NFL stays completely healthy throughout the course of a season, but the Colts have some kind of virus that makes them even more prone to injuries.

    Last season the team had to compensate injures to important players like Bob Sanders (missed 15 games), Anthony Gonzalez (14 games), Dallas Clark (10 games), Joseph Addai (eight games) and Austin Collie (seven games).

    This list includes the Colts' complete offensive running game, some of Manning’s favorite targets and the team's best safety.

    If this team—or at least some of its star players—could stay healthy then the Colts have a good chance of playing in Super Bowl XLVI.

1. Experience

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    While teams are still recovering from the lockout, the Colts have a clear advantage because their offensive lineup is virtually unchanged from last season.

    Not only have there not been any big changes, but the Colts' offense has proved to be one of the NFL's best.

    Players like Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning have spent years together on the same team under the same offensive coordinator. 

    The Colts have a team that is able to win another championship and this one would be even sweeter since Super Bowl XLVI will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana.