50 Worst Pro Sports Bodies in History

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50 Worst Pro Sports Bodies in History
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Guys, loosen up your belts; ladies, put away the scales! It’s time to talk about the worst bodies in sports!

Professional athletes are the best at what they do, and the strain and rigor that they put their bodies through is tremendous.

It’s easy for us to scoff at them from our couches as we are pounding down a bag of potato chips, but the fact of the matter is that most of these athletes are in incredible shape.

That being said, some may have taken one too many trips to the buffet at the team hotel, or packed a few too many Twinkies for a road trip.

When you can’t fit on the back of your athletic card, you know it might be time to cut down on the Cheetos.

When home plate looks more like a Thanksgiving platter than a run scored, you might just be an out-of-shape athlete.

Here are the 50 worst professional sports bodies in history:

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