Four Reasons Why the New England Patriots Will Beat the New York Jets in 2011.

Michael BrownContributor IAugust 16, 2011

Four Reasons Why the New England Patriots Will Beat the New York Jets in 2011.

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    The lasting image in many people's minds from last year when thinking of Patriots vs Jets is the playoff game, in which the Jets went on to knock the Patriots out after a great season for them.  I am here to tell you why this will not be the case in 2011. Here are four reasons why the Patriots will be around longer than the Jets this postseason.  

Patriots Fixed What Needed to Be Fixed.

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    Looking at last year, the main weaknesses of the Patriots was their young defense and that they couldn’t stretch the field. Both of these weaknesses hurt them on their quest to the Super Bowl. With number 85, formally known as Chad Johnson, and the numerous defensive veterans added, these weaknesses will be lessened and maybe even eradicated.  

Offseason of OchoCinco and Haynesworth Big for the Patriots.

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    While the Jets chased after Nnamdi Asomugha, the Patriots went out and added a talented wide receiver in OchoCinco and numerous defensive linemen, not to mention a possible game changer in Albert Haynesworth. While trying to close the deal with Asomugha, the Jets lost Braylon Edwards, Jason Taylor and a few others.

Bill Belichick Is Still Rex Ryan's Superior.

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    It was very obvious, painfully so to some Patriot fans, that in the playoff loss to the Jets Belichick was outsmarted and out coached by Rex Ryan.  This was an anomaly in every sense of the word. I challenge every reader to find a substantial argument for Ryan being the best coach in the AFC East. There is just not one out there at this time, taking nothing from Ryan, as he is a great defensive mind, one of the best in the league right now. However, Belichick has just done wonders with the Patriots for years now and I don’t think we can assume he has been passed. Just one example of many is trading away a high quality receiver mid season and actually improving an offense. Did anyone see that happening last year when Randy Moss left? Cause I for one certainly did not.  

Mark Sanchez Is No Tom Brady

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    The NFL today is a quarterback driven league and no one is currently better than Tom Brady. After a spectacular year of a 36 to 4 TD to INT ratio and the unanimous MVP, I simply want to know what he is planning for the encore. If it is anything close to what he did last year then I can firmly say that Sanchez will be nowhere close to him. I personally don’t see Sanchez as a future game changer, I see him as a game manager. Nothing against him, he does shine at times, but now going into his third year, I need to see a real jump to believe he can enter elite status in his career. So as long as Sanchez is that far behind Brady I am always going to give the edge to Brady and Co.