10 Trades That Should Be Made Before the NFL Preseason Ends

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10 Trades That Should Be Made Before the NFL Preseason Ends
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While I'm willing to believe that everybody who gets paid to make NFL roster decisions grew up swapping football cards on the playground and was in on the pre-Internet versions of fantasy leagues, I'm also aware that these GM's and VP's fully realize that they're now dealing in the business of real people and real football teams.

So on that note, I would presume that NFL deal-makers know better than to engineer trades just for the sake of making things interesting.

If you're running any pro sports team, there are five reasons you should make a trade:

* You have depth at one position, lack of talent at another, and another team has something you want to fill that void. (Example: Philly trading Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick.)

* You have a player in the final year of his contract who seems like a good bet to leave in free agency, so assuming he isn't going to lead you to a championship in the near future, you'd rather get something for him now instead of nothing later. (Example: Denver Nuggets trading Carmelo Anthony.)

* You're in rebuilding mode and can afford to swap some expendable veterans for youth and/or draft picks. (Example: Any trade the Pittsburgh Pirates made between 1993 and 2010.)

* You can immediately improve your team. (Example: New England trading for Randy Moss.)

* You don't have a choice because a player has either become an unmanageable problem or is refusing to play until you trade him. (Example: New England trading away Randy Moss.)

Notice how Chris Johnson doesn't fit into any of those categories? That's why the Tennessee Titans should not trade their franchise running back.

Johnson is currently holding out for a huge contract, and with each day he stays away from the team, more trade rumors rise to the surface. But as much as it would shake things up for fans and media to see Johnson switch teams, it doesn't make sense for the Titans as long as they can afford to pay him what he's worth. Which they can.

So while I'm not saying Johnson won't be traded soon—I'm not inside Tennessee's front office and can't gauge their panic level—I don't think he should be traded. That said, here are 10 deals that I think do make sense and should happen before the beginning of the NFL regular season:

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