Seattle Seahawks: 5 Backup QB's the Seahawks Could Target

Max Bertellotti@@maxbertellottiCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2011

Seattle Seahawks: 5 Backup QB's the Seahawks Could Target

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    The Seahawks are a team with no starting quarterback and two backup quarterbacks. I never was a fan of the Charlie Whitehurst trade and I hardly think Tarvaris Jackson is the answer either.

    This preseason game confirmed a lot of my doubts about both even if it was after only a week of practice. 

    I know that the Seahawks could not afford to have five more quarterbacks on the roster and that many people believe that the last thing the Seahawks need is another backup quarterback. But the reality is that the Seahawks have no good and solid starting quarterback on their team right now.

    If the Seahawks were to roll the dice and give another backup quarterback a shot here are the five that they should target and why.

    My apologies to Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson but these backup quarterbacks may deserve to be the starter in our offense before you two.

Houston Texans: Matt Leinart

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    If you have read some of my other articles you would know that I am a believer in Matt Leinart.

    A lot of people criticize Matt Leinart for not showing maturity or poise in Arizona when given the starting role, or that he doesn't have a strong enough arm for the NFL. I believe that now with his second team Matt Leinart has a better grasp of his potential and his standing in the NFL and therefore I would not be worried about his maturity.

    While his arm-strength may be a flaw, I am willing to look past it for the Seahawks because it really won't matter.

    It won't matter because of Pete Carroll. Carroll clearly knows how to use Matt Leinart as evidenced by Leinart's Heisman Trophy and USC's 2004 national championship.

    Carroll has played with Leinart since Leinart's rise to prominence and will be able to put him in a situation where the Seahawks can use his talents to the fullest. It also doesn't hurt my argument that the Seahawks offered him a contract already.

Denver Broncos: Brady Quinn

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    Brady Quinn to me has been dealt a bad hand when it comes to the NFL. He could have been the No. 1 pick overall but Al Davis instead stupidly chose JaMarcus Russel over Quinn and Quinn ended up falling to the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd pick.

    After being drafted and with fans screaming for Quinn to be the starter, Derek Anderson had a Pro Bowl season. 2009 was really Quinn's only opportunity to play and show the world what he could do and his performance was mediocre.

    Regardless, I still am under the impression that Brady Quinn is a largely untested quarterback and still has the potential to prove himself as a starter in the NFL. After all, he played with the Cleveland Browns during a season when their talent was quite quite low.

    With two stud wide receivers flanking him, I think Quinn has the potential to be quite good.

Cleveland Browns: Seneca Walace

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    Of all the quarterbacks on this list, I would be willing to bet that most Seahawks fans would want Seneca Wallace rather than any other quarterback on this list.

    Seneca Wallace to me would be the ideal fit for this young Seattle team. He is a local fan favorite who had been with the Seahawks since 2005. Wallace has the mobility to elude rushers which would help our developing offensive line, and he has the arm strength to throw bombs for our jump-ball receivers in Sidney Rice and Mike Williams.

    Along with his physical gifts, Wallace could provide some veteran leadership to a team that is dying for a leader. His presence would benefit almost the entire offense with his knowledge of the NFC West.

    Lastly, his career has shown that he can be a decent quarterback in the NFL. He has a quarterback rating of 83.9 and has almost twice as many touchdowns in his career as interceptions.

    The fans of Seattle would absolutely love Seneca Wallace on the Seahawks; my question is, why not trade for him?

Chicago Bears: Caleb Hanie

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    This is a stretch.

    Caleb Hanie played well in one significant game and lost. Why is he on this list? Because it was the NFC Championship Game and it was against statistically one of the best secondaries in the entire league.

    When Jay Cutler went down and Caleb Hanie came in during the NFC Championship Game, the majority of Bears fans around the league were scared and hopeless. It took all of around 81 seconds for Hanie to lead the Bears to the end zone. His passing performance was okay, but his leadership, poise, mobility and ability to turn it on in the clutch were outstanding.

    While the Bears lost this game, Hanie showed why he deserves a chance to play in the NFL and I would bet is being closely guarded by the Chicago Bears.

San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith

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    This is cheating because technically he is the starting quarterback of the 49ers, but I get the feeling he will not be their starter for very long with second rounder Colin Kaepernick close at hand.

    Alex Smith would provide veteran leadership the clubhouse needs as well as an actual past in the NFL. Smith is a fairly accurate quarterback who could benefit from actually having some potentially good wideouts around him.

    More than that though Alex Smith has been a quarterback in the NFC West for the past six years and knows this division better than any other quarterback in the NFL aside from former Seahawk quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

    I have a strong belief that with Smith on Seattle's roster, the Seahawks would be a playoff team once again. I also have the strong belief that the 49ers would not want their starting quarterback to be traded to a division rival. It may be wishful thinking but Smith could be an excellent addition to the Seahawks.