Chad Ochocinco: 10 Video Highlights That Have New England Patriots Fans Stoked

Eitan Katz@@EitanKatzAnalyst IIAugust 12, 2011

Chad Ochocinco: 10 Video Highlights That Have New England Patriots Fans Stoked

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    Chad Ochocinco was expected by many to play last night in the New England Patriots preseason matchup versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    He didn't.

    Nonetheless, Pats fans remain hungry for news on their favorite new receiver.

    How is his connection with Tom Brady coming along? Does he look to be in good shape? And most importantly, which fan is he going to live with?

    I don't have news for you fans, but I have ten videos that will make you even more excited to watch No. 85 donning a Patriots jersey

    Here it is.

10. Chad Ochocinco: Sick Touchdown Catch Negated by Refs

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    With New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on his side, the touchdown catches will probably come a little easier for Chad Ochocinco this season.

    Regardless, this catch is superb.

    Ocho's patented footwork is on full display here.

    This could be a matchup we actually see this season, by the way. If (Darrelle) Revis Island decides to take Deion Branch hostage, then Antonio Cromartie will almost certainly be assigned to Ocho. Looks like Ocho's got the tricks to beat him in the red zone!

9. Chad Ochocinco: Beats a Horse in a Race with Head Start

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    What do you know...Chad Ochocinco is doing something totally ridiculous.

    Yes, he raced a horse. Yes, he won. Well, sorta.

    Ocho had a 100 meter head start and defeated the horse by 12 lengths. I would keep telling you about the race, but you should really just watch it. Weird dude.

    Anyway, at least we know that Chad still has wheels. He's definitely more explosive than Deion Branch and Wes Welker, but we all know that it doesn't matter how explosive you are if you don't know the playbook (ahem, Chad Jackson, Donte Stallworth, PK Sam, etc.).

8. Chad Ochocinco: Riding the Bull...for a Second

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    Chad Ochocinco loves giving to charity. He also loves attention.

    To combine the two, the former Cincinnati Bengals wideout thought of one of his most fun, and most dangerous ideas yet: the longer he stays on the bull, the more money he gives.

    This one turned out to be more of a scare than he probably expected. But hey, it was for charity!

7. Chad Ochocinco: Big Time Player, Even Bigger Heart. Remembering Chris Henry

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    Chad Ochocinco is a great teammate. He loves his teammates like brothers, literally.

    After the tragic death of former teammate Chris Henry, Ocho dedicated this beautiful long-bomb touchdown to him by kneeling in silence instead of doing his usual touchdown shenanigans.

    You know what they say, sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

    Very real, emotional moment from No. 85. Gotta love how much he feels connected with his guys. He's already building a great relationship with Wes Welker and Deion Branch in camp, and is sure to expand his "family" as the season continues.

6. Chad Ochocinco: Plays Hard, Makes Friends, Has Fun—except Against Ray Lewis

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    The video isn't only about one play, but is centered around a play where Chad Ochocinco is trying to block Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis.

    Key word: trying.

    Instead, Ocho gets absolutely flattened by the Hall-of-Fame lock. They later joke about it during a Pro-Bowl event, as Ocho tries secretly to get on Ray's good side.

    It's always good to know that a receiver is willing to lay it all out for his running back. Wes Welker gets tons of appreciation from the coaching staff for his downfield blocking, maybe Chad will too.

5. Chad Ochocinco: He's Got a Little Wes Welker in Him and Then Some

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    We all know by know how Wes Welker played every position known to man during his time with the Texas Tech Red Raiders football program—kicker included.

    This time, Chad Ochocinco got his revenge. Against the New England Patriots no less. He's always said he wanted to be the best in the league at everything, maybe he was just trying to put Welker in his rightful place.

    By the way, what a freaking leg! That kickoff went 65 yards!

4. Chad Ochocinco: United with Bill Belichick at Last

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    If you haven't seen the video, check it out, good stuff.

    I'm assuming that most of you have seen it though, so move along to the next video. It's a doozy.

3. Chad Ochocinco: A Little Taste of Things to Come...With Just One Hand

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    Chad Ochocinco, aside from being an entertainer and a team clown, is a six-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver with some ridiculous hand-eye coordination.

    Check out this sensational one-handed grab over former Cleveland Browns corner Eric Wright.

    Now that is what I call a touchdown catch. Seeing a little bit of that this year would definitely bring back memories of Randy Moss' 2007 season, and would give the fans a little extra to cheer about. Ocho's mere presence at the goal-line will give secondaries reason for pause. They won't be able to just stack the line like last season. Ocho can leap, Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski is a beast and BenJarvus Green-Ellis is nearly unstoppable at the goal-line.

    Good luck stopping the Pats!

2. Chad Ochocinco: The Work Ethic of a Champion

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    All I have to say is watch this right now.

    Just staggering.

    Consider my jaw dropped.

1. Chad Ochocinco: How Many Touchdowns Will He Catch from Tom Brady?

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    Yeah, I saved this one for last.

    It may be grainy, it may be an awful play and it may just make you hate me.

    But honestly, this is what we are all here for, isn't it? Tom Brady to Chad Ochocinco. All day, every day.

    This New England offense is going to be insanely good. Expect 8-10 touchdowns for Chad, and a whole lot of celebrating going on in New England.


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