New York Giants: 9 Well Known Players Who Will Not Survive Past Training Camp

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IAugust 4, 2011

New York Giants: 9 Well Known Players Who Will Not Survive Past Training Camp

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    The New York Giants have made some interesting signings this offseason, mainly due to the fact that the new CBA dictated teams are allowed to bring 90 players to camp, instead of the usual 80.

    Teams are more willing to just bring guys in for a look to see if they can make an impact on the roster.

    Many of these guys will end up being cut once the season rolls around, but the competition will be fun to watch while it lasts.

    Here are some big name players that you might believe have a chance to make the team, but they will ultimately be looking for work come September.

Michael Clayton

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    The New York Giants signed Michael Clayton during the 2010 season when their wide receivers started dropping like flies and landing on injured reserve. He played in six games and had two catches for only 19 yards.

    Not exactly the best looking stat line.

    Clayton surprisingly attended all the offseason workouts put together by Eli Manning. It was surprising to me, because I didn't think there was any way the Giants would re-sign him.

    He even participated in the smaller workouts at Duke with Manning.

    The only way Clayton has a chance to make the roster is if Steve Smith is somehow not re-signed. The Giants already have Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Ramses Barden, Victor Cruz, Jerrel Jernigan and Duke Calhoun, to go along with the possibility of Smith.

    There doesn't seem to be enough room for Clayton, unless Barden or Smith end up on the PUP list for the first six games.

DJ Ware

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    The New York Giants brought back Andre Brown to training camp. You may remember Brown from the 2009 draft class; as a rookie, he ruptured his Achilles tendon and missed the entire season. The injury forced the Giants to release him last year, and he bounced around the league.

    He has made his return to New York, and he could beat out DJ Ware for a running back spot.

    I doubt the Giants are going to carry five running backs into the season. Either Brown or Ware will have to go, with Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and Da'Rel Scott making the team.

    I put my money on Brown surprising a lot of people and making it; he was very impressive in camp the year the Giants had him.

    Hell, you could see both of them get cut to be honest. The Giants only went into last season with three running backs on the 53-man roster.

Matt Dodge

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    The Giants brought in Steve Weatherford for some punter competition in camp, and judging by last year, there won't be any competition.

    Weatherford punted for the New York Jets and will likely replace Matt Dodge, who had an up and down season in 2010—more down than up.

    Fans haven't forgiven him for punting to DeSean Jackson in that December battle for the NFC East crown—though he wasn't playing on the defense that blew the 21-point lead—but the bad season was so much more than that.

    I don't see Dodge having a job on the Giants much longer. He's just too inconsistent, despite having a very powerful kick.

Darius Reynaud

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    Last year, the Giants took seven wide receivers into the season. They have 11 wide receivers at camp right now. With Steve Smith still trying to be re-signed and Ramses Barden on the PUP list, that makes 13.

    Obviously some names you recognize are going to be on their way out.

    The Darius Reynaud experiment didn't work last year. He was terrible on punt returns—the Giants had one of the worst league averages.

    With Domenik Hixon making a return and the Giants drafting Jerrel Jernigan, there isn't room for these guys anymore.

    And by these guys, I also mean the person on the next slide.

Duke Calhoun

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    Duke Calhoun was a terrific special teams player, but the Giants will not have much use for him anymore now that Hixon is coming back.

    Calhoun played the "gunner" position on special teams and beat out Derek Hagan for a spot on the roster last year because of his willingness to do so. He was never really used much as a wide receiver, so the Giants will likely move on without him.

Kevin Boothe

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    It starts to get a little confusing that the Giants would be cutting guys they just re-signed in free agency, but I don't imagine they would have signed Boothe had they knew they were going to be able to pry David Baas from the San Francisco 49ers.

    Not to mention the Stacy Andrews signing.

    There are only so many offensive line spots to go around, and some of these guys will likely be on their way out.

    David Baas, Chris Snee, David Diehl, Kareem McKenzie, James Brewer, Will Beatty and Adam Koets are pretty much guaranteed spots on the roster.

    Koets has been riding the bike so far at practice, but the Giants like him to back up David Baas at center, so he'll likely make the team.

    That is seven guys, with Chris White, Mitch Petrus and Stacy Andrews battling it out for the eighth and ninth spots. (Well, they took nine in to the season last year.) I don't see Kevin Boothe making the team.

Chris White

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    Speaking of Chris White, I know Giants fans are going to expect to see him make the roster because he is a veteran, but the signing this offseason was nothing more than to see what he still has in the tank.

    He's not too old, but he's been in the league since 2005. He only started eight games in his career, and that was during the 2009 season with the Houston Texans.

    I don't believe the Giants are going to let Mitch Petrus go, he is younger and has more upside to take over a guard spot when David Diehl or Chris Snee retire.

    White likely wouldn't make it over Stacy Andrews either—Andrews has more versatility by being able to play both guard and tackle. Not to mention he's played, and played well, in the NFL for a long time.

    You cannot say the same about White.

David Carr

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    Eli Manning has never missed a start in the NFL, so I don't believe the Giants would waste a roster spot by bringing three QBs to every game.

    Sage Rosenfels could potentially be replaced by Carr. But I wouldn't bet on it, considering the obvious improvement in Lawrence Tynes field-goal kicking once Rosenfels took over the holding duties.

    Not to mention, Rosenfels is a better backup option to Carr. Sure Carr played well in a backup role for the Giants in 2008, but I'd rather have Rosenfels if, God forbid, something ever happened to Eli.

    Carr's contract only included $50,000 guaranteed. That's chump change if they let him go.

Devin Thomas

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    Devin Thomas was another one of those signings the Giants had to make last year to fill roster spots at wide receiver. He played special teams and was surprisingly effective.

    However, like I've said several times now, there just isn't enough room at the wide receiver position for these guys, especially with Hixon and Jernigan on the roster now. 

    There is likely a pecking order for the team in case Steve Smith does not re-sign or is signed and put on the PUP list. I bet it starts with Michael Clayton followed by Duke Calhoun and then Thomas. So if Thomas wants a chance at making the team, he'd better concentrate on outperforming those guys.

    (Doesn't it amaze you how all these wide receivers had big roles for the Giants down the stretch, and now most people don't even give them a shot at making the team? Shows you what Eli Manning had to go through last year. It's no wonder he tossed 25 interceptions.)