Philadelphia Eagles Become NFL Offseason Champs with Nnamdi Asomugha Signing

Danny Flynn@FlynnceptionSenior Analyst IJuly 30, 2011

The Philadelphia Eagles weren't considered to be big players in the Nnamdi Asomugah sweepstakes, but that didn't matter.
The Philadelphia Eagles weren't considered to be big players in the Nnamdi Asomugah sweepstakes, but that didn't matter.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Sorry, Jets.

Condolences, Cowboys.

The so-called sources said that that there could be a dark horse bidder who held up their card at the last minute, and the sources turned out to be right.

In the end, the winner of the Nnamdi Asomugha sweepstakes was none other than the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yes, those same Philadelphia Eagles that earlier in the day pulled off a trade that sent inexperienced and unproven backup quarterback Kevin Kolb to Arizona in exchange for a second-round pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, one of the most promising young cornerbacks in the league.

Needless to say, what was once viewed as a position of weakness is now a position of strength that dwarfs every other team out there.

The Asomugha-D.R.C. corner combo isn’t quite as jaw-droppingly remarkable as an Asomugha-Revis pairing would have been, but there’s no question that this is now the top cornerback duo and this secondary as a whole could be the best in league.

The Eagles are loaded up for another run at a Super Bowl, and with these two big moves, they may have just swiped the Super Bowl favorite title from the defending champion Green Bay Packers.

Packers fans as well as anyone associated with an NFC East team must be concerned by the move, but it’s Jets fans who must be most distraught by what has just transpired.

As I drove around today, I was dialed in to the usual New York sports radio chatter, and all the Jets callers had such an arrogant glee in their voices as they proclaimed that once they signed Asomugha, their team would be the undisputed top dog of not just the AFC, but the entire NFL


I guess that whole "every player wants to play for Rex Ryan" thing was just hot air after all.

The Jets now have just Santonio Holmes, who as we speak has probably already blown most of his signing bonus on Cristal and Patron, to show as their only notable signing thus far.

I wonder how easy it will be to lure Antonio Cromartie back after all of this.


This isn’t about the Jets, though, this is about Howie Roseman and the Eagles brain-trust pulling off a foundation-shaking deal which rocked the entire NFL.

No other signing from here on out will come close to what we just saw with Asomugha.

The 30-year-old shutdown specialist was the hottest toy on the free agent market, and the Eagles swooped in to land the biggest prize out there.

Philadelphia allowed 31 passing touchdowns in 2010. Only two teams allowed more, but I have a feeling that number is going to go down a bit this season.

The Eagles defense has already lost LB Stewart Bradley, as well as S Quintin Mikell and it could also lose LB Ernie Sims. However, what they’ve lost can’t come close to equaling what they just gained with Asomugah.

The Eagles aren’t afraid to go against the grain every now and then, and it’s been a mindset that’s payed dividends for the last decade.

Getting just Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie would have pleased a lot of fans, but getting Asomugah just takes things to another level.

When the Eagles see something they want, they go out and get it, and we’ll now get to see if their sound approach for picking players will finally pay off with a Super Bowl ring this season.