Washington Redskins: Conservative Moves so Far, Big Splash on the Way?

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Washington Redskins: Conservative Moves so Far, Big Splash on the Way?
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The Washington Redskins, who are predicted yearly to go out and spend a ton in free agency, were very quiet last offseason.

In fact, the only bold move they made was trading for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.  That didn't work out, but it still wasn't Jeff George.

In fact, the boldest thing the Redskins did last year was to cut a lot of high priced, low performing players from the roster.

There has been plenty said about general manager Bruce Allen, good and bad, but one thing is for sure, he knows the small salary cap is coming and he prepared the Redskins for it.

And now that the NFL lockout has come to an end, Allen has taken a page out of his 2010 playbook and has been patient.

The Skins have needs all around, but unlike owner Daniel Snyder and former Vice President of Player Operations Vincent Cerrato, Allen didn't throw a ton of cash at one superstar player.

No, Allen quietly re-signed fan favorite Santana Moss, has apparently worked out a deal to trade Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings and signed defensive lineman Barry Cofield to a very manageable deal (though I'm not a fan of the $12.5 million guaranteed).

This kind of patients could just mean that the Redskins are waiting to make that big splash, but unlike other offseasons, they don't have too much time.

One of the higher priced targets on the Skins' list is wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who by all reports could very well re-sign with the Jets.

As a Skins fan I'm okay with this. Not because I don't think Holmes would add to the Redskins offense, it's because then they can take that money and push at least some of it to signing more defensive players.

Corner back Jonathan Joseph of the Bengals and defensive end Cullen Jenkins of the Packers come to mind.

All in all, today should be an interesting day for the Skins. I think we'll learn more about the McNabb trade. Hopefully McNabb, the Skins and the Vikes work out the bonus payment (presumably the only thing holding up the deal) soon and after that, it's just a matter of shipping out Albert Haynesworth.

Football is back ladies and gentlemen, and one of the nice things about the lockout is that the free agent signing period is so close to the first preseason games that we don't have to wait as long to see our new players in action.

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