MLB Trade Rumors: Three Felix Hernandez Deals That Actually Make Sense

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MLB Trade Rumors: Three Felix Hernandez Deals That Actually Make Sense
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Over the course of the last two seasons, Mariners fans have been inundated with reasons that the Seattle Mariners cannot possibly afford to keep Felix Hernandez long term. 

TV shows, newspapers and websites have all given various reasons why Seattle will eventually (i.e. 2011) trade Felix Hernandez to the New York Yankees.

Most of the reasons stem from the fact that "King" Felix is set to begin making almost $20 million per season in the coming months, or the fact that the Mariners lack any real offense, and their farm system is lacking players who will be here soon enough to bring the Mariners back to relevancy before Hernandez decides he wants to move on and demands a trade or refuses to re-sign. 

There are several problems with all of the reports that have Felix Hernandez headed to New York. First, the Yankees top prospects are, by and large, pitchers.

"The Killer B's" as they have been dubbed by the New York media, consisting of Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos and Andrew Brackman, are all pitchers. The only top positional prospect that the Yankees have is Jesus Montero, and he's taken a step backwards this year. 

Montero is only valuable because of his bat, and his bat is completely unproven against Major League pitching, at least at this point. The consensus is that that he will not be able to play catcher in the Major Leagues and will need to be switched to either first base or designated hitter before he can play every day. The problem with that is the fact that the Mariners have pitching. They lack offense.  

The second problem with Felix to the Yankees scenarios is that Hernandez has continually stated that he wants to remain in Seattle and doesn't want to pitch as a member of the New York Yankees. His contract extension included a no-trade clause with 10 teams, one of which is the Yankees.

The other teams are from major media markets like Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Presumably the no-trade clause was put into the contract to give Hernandez leverage in any trade negotiations, giving him the ability to make it a requirement that the team who acquires him extend his contract, and so on and so forth.

While this has never been denied by Hernandez or his agent, it has also never been confirmed. What has been confirmed, as recently as the All-Star Break, is Felix's desire to remain in Seattle for the foreseeable future. 

Finally, the problem is the presumption that Seattle cannot afford to pay what Felix's contract requires them to pay. Seattle has an MLB monopoly on the Northwestern United States. They are the only team within easy driving distance of Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

They are NOT a poor team. Poorly run for the past decade, yes.

But, the Mariners ownership group is, in fact, among the wealthiest in MLB. The money is not a problem for this franchise.

The following are three trade partners, and deals, that make sense for the Mariners, as well as for the other teams involved.

I am not suggesting that the Mariners SHOULD or WILL trade Felix Hernandez, just pointing out deals that make more sense to the Mariners than to trade with the Yankees.  

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