2011 NFL Predictions: The Top 8 Biggest Free Agent Moves of 2011

Michael KimbleContributor IIIJuly 26, 2011

2011 NFL Predictions: The Top 8 Biggest Free Agent Moves of 2011

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    With the lockout ending and the 2011 NFL season quickly looming, free agency is going to be very interesting this year. Many different players are going to be on the move, from Kevin Kolb to Nnamdi Asomugha to Santonio Holmes, and this article will look at the 10 biggest moves that I believe will take place this offseason.

8. Santonio Holmes to the Redskins

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    Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards will likely be leaving New York this year. Dan Snyder will easily pay a high price to get Santonio Holmes out of New York and into Washington to beef up a weak receiving corps. Now if they could only get a quarterback...

7. Cullen Jenkins to the Bears

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    As a Packers fan, it will pain me to see Cullen Jenkins go to a division rival. But Green Bay is likely going to let go Jenkins, and the Bears have shown interest. Jenkins may also want to get a little revenge on the Packers for cutting him prematurely...

6. Vince Young to the Vikings

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    The Vikings will be looking for a quarterback to sign as insurance in case Christian Ponder doesn't work out or simply isn't ready. Young could fit in well to the Vikings offense; if they keep Sidney Rice, they have a strong receiving corps, as well as a strong running game to take the pressure off of Young.

5. Hasselbeck Stays in Seattle

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    The Seahawks will not sign Tarvaris Jackson, and they will not be able to get Kevin Kolb. They will re-sign Matt Hasselbeck to a short, one- or two-year deal. Alot of people see Hasselbeck going to Tennessee or San Francisco; I just don't see it. Hasselbeck has said he wants to stay in Seattle; his players have backed him, as well. I say Hasselbeck is the Seahawks quarterback for at least another year.

4. Donovan McNabb to the 49ers

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    This will be a surprise. McNabb will not get alot of offers, and with the Vikings going in the direction of Young, McNabb will sign with the 49ers, a team that also has questions at quarterback. Alex Smith is not the future of the 49ers, and while McNabb isn't a longterm solution, he is definitely a temporary solution at quarterback while the 49ers look for their new QB of the future.

3. Carson Palmer Traded to the Dolphins

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    Mike Brown will finally break down and give Carson Palmer what he wants: a trade. In another surprise, the Dolphins will make a play for Palmer, having lost Chad Pennington for the year, and perhaps interested in giving Chad Henne a little competition.

2. Nnamdi Asomugha to the Texans

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    The Texans have some serious work to do on defense, and Asomugha would be a huge signing for Houston. Asomugha would be the shutdown corner and defensive playmaker the Texans have been looking for, and this move could certainly thrust him into the playoffs.

1. Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals

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    Although I am tempted to go in a different direction on this one, it appears very likely that Kolb will go to Arizona, and this makes sense, as Arizona is a quarterback away from being a playoff contender. Although it is a risky move to sign Kolb, who hasn't proven to be a longterm reliable starter, it is certainly better than what they have now.