Detroit Tigers Trade Deadline 2011: 5 Best Fits in the Motor City

Jordan Hall@@jordan_hall23Correspondent IJuly 20, 2011

Detroit Tigers Trade Deadline 2011: 5 Best Fits in the Motor City

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    If the first three games after the All-Star break taught us nothing else, it was that the Detroit Tigers need a spark. They have seemed flat and uninspired over the last month or so.

    The MLB trade deadline is approaching at just the right time for the Tigers. They are in need of filling a couple holes, and the market is aplomb  with options. Adding the right piece could be just the spark they need.

    Here are the five players that would be the best fits in Detroit.

5. Derek Lowe

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    The only reason that Lowe is not higher on this list is that he is set to make $20 million next season. While the Tigers have that kind of money to shell out, it clearly is not wise.

    Lowe is 6-7 with a respectable 4.37 this year. He is clearly not enjoying one of his better seasons, but he has all kinds of playoff experience.

    The Tigers are in desperate need of starting pitching, particularly a guy that could start Game 2 in a series. Lowe would fit nicely into that spot.

    I think he would be a great fit this year but would leave the Tigers financially hamstrung for the following year.

4. Carlos Beltran

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    Make no mistake about it, there is a reason that the Mets are willing to eat a large portion of his contract to get rid of him. Part of it is his injury history.

    He has spent nearly as much time on the DL over the past couple years as he has on the field. I fear that the other part is the unseen. Guys who make a lot of money and return little cannot be popular in the locker room.

    He would be a great fit in Detroit. Though the Tigers are flush with outfield talent, none of it is top end. They have a lot of good outfielders, yet none of them are true difference makers.

    Beltran would give them a steady bat who could relieve Mags of his three-hole duties.

3. Hiroki Kuroda

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    As I have stated before, the Tigers are in need of a true No. 2 in the rotation. Max Scherzer has the stuff to be a No. 2 but has been very up and down. Kuroda would slide into that spot with ease.

    Kuroda has long been one of the more underrated pitchers in the game. He is only 6-11 this year but has a sterling 3.13 ERA in 120 innings.

    He has a career WHIP of 1.18 meaning that he has the ability to go deep into games and lessen the load on the bullpen. He is never sexy but really gets the job done.

2. Ubaldo Jimenez

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    Let's face it, power arms win in the postseason. Yeah it was nice watching Greg Maddox carve guys up on 90 MPH fastballs, but he is the exception, not the rule.

    For every postseason Jamie Moyer, there are five Josh Becketts.

    Ubaldo Jimenez allows the Tigers to present four power arms in a seven game series. Jimenez, much like the man he is most frequently compared to, A.J. Burnett, is very inconsistent. He walks a fine line with his control, yet usually ends up coming out unscathed.

    Through his inconsistency, he has shown a wide array of skill. He can really light up the radar gun, has a wicked splitter and features a host of breaking pitches.

    Jimenez is the best starting pitcher available this trade season. The Tigers need a starting pitcher. That makes him a great fit.

1. Jose Reyes

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    I realize that this will probably not happen at this point, but the focus of this article is on fit, not probability. As far as fit goes, there really is nobody better than Jose Reyes.

    There is a black hole on the left side of the infield the size of Sri Lanka. Brandon Inge is awful. Don Kelly, though he tries valiantly, is not a lot better.

    This is where Reyes fits in. He allows the range-challenged Jhonny Peralta to move back to third, while he uses his athleticism and strong arm to man short.

    Jose Reyes also fits in well at the top of the lineup. I think that Austin Jackson is a good leadoff man, but Reyes is one of the best. He would provide that spark that I was talking about earlier, hopefully waking up the bats of some of the big boys.

    While this may be improbable, it would certainly bring smiles to the faces of everyone in Michigan. Can't fault a person for dreaming, can you?

    Agree? Disagree? Let me know