NFL Free Agency: Why the Chicago Bears Should Stay Away from Plaxico Burress

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIJuly 19, 2011

NFL Free Agency: Why the Chicago Bears Should Stay Away from Plaxico Burress

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    It seems the Chicago Bears have been searching for a quarterback and a wide receiver threat since the beginning of time.

    They found their quarterback, but still no luck with the franchise's first real dominant receiver who needs to be game planned against.

    Many feel Plaxico Burress could become that guy, but unfortunately this is not true.

    Plaxico has no spot on the Chicago Bears and this list will explain why.

The Last Time Plaxico Burress Was a Free Agent

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    Plaxico Burress announced he would be leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers after a playoff loss in 2005. After testing the free agent market, he signed a six-year, $25 million contract with the New York Giants.

    Before he signed with the Giants, the Chicago Bears looked into signing Burress and decided against it.

    They did not think he was worthy of a contract that large at that stage of his career, and therefore they were not going to take a risk in signing the young wide receiver.

    Whether it was the right decision or not, the Bears chose not to sign Burress during the prime of his career, so why would they take him in old age.

    The Bears went in a different direction than Burress once and they should, and will, do it again.

Plaxico Is Washed Up

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    Plaxico Burress' best years are behind him and which ever team signs him will be getting an older, slower, worse version of the player he once was.

    The Bears are not in need of a veteran wide receiver who will put up poor catching numbers and at the very best be a solid red zone target.

    No one knows if Burress will even be able to play anymore. As far as we know, signing him could be a disaster.

    The Bears would be better off spending a little bit more on younger, more talented receivers or spending every dime they have on offensive line talent, which is what they really need.

Plaxico Burress Is Fresh out of Prison

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    Plaxico Burress is not only a veteran receiver who lost a lot of his athletic ability, but he also just served a two-year prison stint after shooting himself in the leg, inadvertently of course.

    It would be a bad enough move for the Chicago Bears to sign Burress if he had been out of prison playing football the past two seasons, so the fact he served time and got no football reps only makes it a stupider move.

    Michael Vick came out of prison a better player but that we cannot take that as the norm. 

    Burress is bound to have a poor season and his career is most likely finished. A signing by the Bears would make for a terrible move.

The Chicago Bears Don't Sign Guys with Character Issues

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    Even if you think Plaxico Burress still has a lot left in the tank and can still play, the Chicago Bears do not sign or keep guys with character flaws.

    Over and over again the Bears have released or cut players that have had trouble with the law and have consistently refused to sign players with shady pasts.

    The Bears have released players who have done a lot less then serve two years in prison for a shooting incident, and any Bears fans who think they will sign someone like Plax are wrong.

    I would be extremely surprised if the Bears don't announce to the public that they are not interested in Plaxico Burress once the lockout ends. I hope they do.

Plaxico Burress Doesn't Fit into the Mike Martz' Offense

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    Okay, so you still think Plaxico Burress will land in Chicago?

    Even though he is past his prime, slightly washed up, fresh out of prison and has character issues?

    Well then let's talk strictly football X's and O's.

    Mike Martz' offensive scheme relies on fast receivers who are good route runners. Historically, he doesn't work with "big target" receivers like Plaxico.

    While the Bears are stacked with young, quick, solid route-running receivers, they still have no room for Burress and it would be hard to find playing time for him.

    He simply doesn't fit into the Bears' offense and would be a red zone threat at best.

    The Chicago Bears will not sign Plaxico Burress and it will turn out to be the right move.