MLB Trade Speculation: 5 Seattle Mariners That Need to Be Axed at Deadline

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IJuly 19, 2011

MLB Trade Speculation: 5 Seattle Mariners That Need to Be Axed at Deadline

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    The Seattle Mariners, in just 12 days, have gone from possible trade deadline buyers to almost definite trade deadline sellers.

    Going from 2.5 games out to 11.5 out in 12 days (and three of those days were the All-Star break) will do that to you.

    While it's certainly disappointing, this might just be a blessing in disguise for the Mariners. They won't be tempted to upend the rebuilding process, and they now have a chance to get rid of certain underperforming veterans.

    Here's a look at who Jack Zduriencik and company should try to move, who might be interested and who we can expect in return.

    Note to reader: This list isn't very pretty.  

Jack Wilson, SS

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    Why Get Rid of Him?

    Because since Dustin Ackley was called up to the majors, Jack Wilson has been essentially nonexistent. There's no room for him on this team, and since he becomes a free agent this winter, why not try to get something for him?

    Who's Interested?

    Well, no one's really expressed interest, per se, but I'm sure most GMs are holding in their excitement on this guy.

    However, contenders with a small payroll could look to add good defense, decent offense and an infielder to their bench.

    The Reds, Pirates, Indians and maybe Rays could be suitors.

    Who Can We Expect in Return?

    A low-tier prospect and cash to pay off the rest of Wilson's salary.

Jack Cust

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    Why Get Rid of Him?

    Because he's not really good at the game of baseball, and his contract expires after this year.

    If no one is interested in trading for Cust, it's pretty much time to designate him for assignment. He's not getting any playing time, and we might as well get rid of him to create room for another young guy.

    Maybe give Josh Lueke another shot.

    Who's Interested?

    I can almost guarantee you, with 100 percent confidence, that no one is interested.

    Who Can We Expect in Return? 

    If we actually do trick someone into taking him, we can expect cash money.

Brandon League

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    Why Get Rid of Him?

    Because good closers tend to demand a lot of value in return during this time of the year.

    On top of that, Brandon League is set to hit his last year of arbitration next season, and saves, for whatever ridiculous reason, always seem to drive the price up. League is probably in line for a big raise, and the Mariners would be wise to let him go.

    Closers are easily replaceable.

    Who's Interested?

    Most likely the usual suspects. The Rangers are looking for a high-quality reliever, the Yankees and Phillies are always in the market for bullpen help and I'd expect the Cardinals to inquire as well.

    Who Can We Expect in Return?

    You'd have to think that Seattle could net a very good prospect in return. Texas has a lot of chips, and Chris Davis, who is major league-ready, would be a nice return if Zduriencik could pull it off.

    There have been a lot of relievers' names thrown around this deadline, which, unfortunately, lowers League's value a little bit.

Jamey Wright

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    Why Get Rid of Him?

    Because teams are apparently calling about him, and Seattle can get a lot more for Jamey Wright than it can by letting him hit free agency in a couple of months.

    Who's Interested?

    Most likely the same teams that I mentioned in the Brandon League slide. The Rangers, Yankees, Phillies and Cardinals would likely be interested. I'd also add the Tigers and Reds to the mix, as they are contenders who need bullpen help and could more easily afford Wright.

    Who Can We Expect in Return?

    A middle-tier prospect. Nothing special, but someone who still has the potential to surprise people.

Chone Figgins

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    Why Get Rid of Him?

    Because the longer Chone Figgins stays in Seattle, the more I fear for his safety among fans.

    Who's Interested?

    Probably not a whole lot of teams are actually interested, but a rich team like the Yankees, Red Sox or maybe even the Angels, who have a history with Figgins, could take him on in a deal for a starter like Jason Vargas or Doug Fister.

    Who Can We Expect in Return?

    Probably not a whole lot right now. Figgins' value is at its lowest right now, and we could only hope for some team to take on his atrocious contract.

    A trade package of someone like Vargas and Figgins to a desperate contender could net us a good prospect, and we would get rid of that contract. Starting pitching is in high demand this summer, and a deal like that is more than possible.