Washington Redskins: Top 8 Free Agents That Could Be with the 'Skins in '11

Michael KimbleContributor IIIJuly 19, 2011

Washington Redskins: Top 8 Free Agents That Could Be with the 'Skins in '11

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    The Redskins are famous (or perhaps notorious) for signing big free agents. Almost every year, one of the top free agents will land themselves in Washington wearing a Redskins uniform, and while they have seldom worked out in recent history, it always brings about excitement and curiosity to the team.

    With the NFL lockout almost over, free agency is looming, and there many different directions the Redskins can go in to improve their franchise. The questions remains however, will the person they pick up be a hit—or a flop?

8. Matt Hasselbeck

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    If I were a betting man, I would say that Hasselbeck stays in Seattle. However, it is very possible that the Seahawks will try and move on without him this year, and if they do, the Redskins could try and get him.

    Hasselbeck is a solid quarterback who, despite his age and declining numbers, is still an efficient quarterback who could bring something positive to whatever team he will be with next year.

    Chances of this Working Out for the Redskins: Low. I don't see Hasselbeck flourishing in Washington for the same reason McNabb didn't flourish in Washington: the team needs more work at receiver and running back to give the quarterback more weapons.

7. Cedric Benson

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    Benson is another player that I would bet would be with his current team next year. But if he does decide to go elsewhere, the Redskins are a team that would be interested. They have a few young runningbacks that show potential, but they could certainly use a veteran prescence.

    Chances This Would Work Out: Good. Benson has been quite productive for the past couple of years, so while he may not be the featured back for a long time in Washington, he could serve as a temporary starter until potential running backs Ryan Torain or Roy Helu are ready.

6. Terrell Owens

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    Another longshot, but the Redskins need a receiver, and if Owens is truly ready to play for a significant duration of the season, then they may pick up the controversial player to add a veteran presence to that inexperienced receiving corps.

    Chances This Will Work Out: Very Low. Not only is Owens 38 and coming off a significant injury, but he has proven to be poisonous for any locker room. This would be a bad decision for the Redskins if they actually wanted to pick him up.

5. Vince Young

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    Although disgraced from Tennessee, Young has shown flashes of brilliance as an NFL quarterback. Although having off-the-field character issues, he may be able to be reeled in with the proper coaching. He could at least serve to compete with John Beck and Rex Grossman.

    Chances This Would Work Out: Low. Given the way Shanahan treated McNabb and Haynesworth, he has shown himself to not be a players coach, which is what Young needs to get over his character issues.

4. Tiki Barber

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    If Tiki Barber gets a chance from anyone in this league, it would Dan Snyder. Snyder loves to gamble on risky players, and Barber is certainly a risky player to pick up. However, they could use a veteran running back, and if Barber shows potential if he were brought into training camp, he could very well be signed.

    Chances this will work out: Very Low. Barber is 36 and hasn't played football in four years. I don't see a comeback working out for him, especially with the Redskins.

3. Cullen Jenkins

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    Jenkins just won a Super Bowl, but is seriously in danger of being cut by the Packers. However, it is not because of his play; he is simply aging and the Packers want to move on with a younger defensive line. If Jenkins were to become a free agent, he would be a very valuable addition to the Redskins defense.

    Chances of This Working Out: Good. If Jenkins goes to the Redskins, I see him having a positive impact on the team. He is a hard worker and a good character guy, as well as a talented player.

2. Plaxico Burress

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    Plaxico is two years removed from playing in the NFL, but he was a very talented receiver for the Giants, and is perhaps a receiver the Redskins will seriously consider adding to their weak corps.

    Chances This Will Work Out: Okay. Burress has a few character issues, and may not be the playmaker he once was, but if he gets a modest contract from the Redskins, it might be a good investment to add a little veteran presence.

1. Santonio Holmes/Braylon Edwards

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    One of these two players will no longer be a Jet, and whoever the Jets let go, they will be a hot free agent. And the Redskins, who certainly need a playmaking reciever, would be very smart to go after one of these two guys.

    Chances This Will Work Out: Good. Edwards and Holmes are both solid receivers that can add alot to the Redskins passing game, as long as they have a quarterback who can throw to them.