Adam Dunn and 5 Other Former MLB All-Stars Who Are Having Horrific Seasons

Ross DurrenceCorrespondent IIJuly 14, 2011

Adam Dunn and 5 Other Former MLB All-Stars Who Are Having Horrific Seasons

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    It's not like these players aren't good.  They're not utility players or guys who play once a week.

    These are former All-Stars.

    They've been the best players at their position in their entire league.

    They've been voted by the fans as favorites!  As beloved athletes who have been chosen to battle the opposing league.

    They're good players.

    And they're all having awful seasons.

Adam Dunn, 1xAll-Star (2002)

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    Was there a more obvious choice?

    Adam Dunn, an All-Star back in 2002, hasn't gotten a hit off a left-handed pitcher in years.

    Okay, not years, but he does have only 2 hits in 64 at-bats against lefties for an incredibly awful .031 batting average.

    His batting average?  Worst in the majors.

Dan Uggla, 2xAll-Star (2006, 2008)

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    Uggla was an All-Star selection in 2006 & 2008, but he couldn't be farther from that form this year.

    His abysmal .185 batting average and .257 on-base percentage both rank 3rd worst in all of baseball.

    Dan Uggl-y.

Chone Figgins, 1xAll-Star (2009)

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    Kyle Seager.  Anyone know that name?

    Exactly.  That's the name of a prospect who is vying for Chone Figgins' job.

    Figgins' .183 batting average and .231 on-base percentage are 2nd worst and dead last in the majors, respectively.

Hideki Matsui, 2xAll-Star (2003-2004)

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    What happened to Hideki Matsui?

    He's hit at least .274 every year he's been in the bigs, yet he's barely outpacing Mendoza this year,  with a .209 clip.

    Hey, at least he's hitting better than Figgins and Dunn.

John Lackey, 1xAll-Star (2007)

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    I can't imagine John Lackey is the most popular man in Boston.

    He's got a ripe ERA of 6.84 and an ERA+ of 59.

    Can I make a "John Lack-ing" joke?

Alex Rios, 2xAll-Star (2006-2007)

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    Here are Rios' numbers from last year and this year:

    2010: .284/.334/.457

    2011: .213/.262/.309

    He's even a bust amongst the Sabermetric community with an awful -.06 WAR.