MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Rumors That Could Be True or Could Be False

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJuly 14, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Rumors That Could Be True or Could Be False

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    The New York Yankees are battling in the strongest division in baseball. The American League East has the Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles.

    There is never an off day when playing within the division.

    For the Yankees to win the AL East they will need to get some more pieces to the puzzle. This means most likely adding a relief pitcher or two and a right-handed bat.

    Here is a list of rumors that have been swirling around.

Alfonso Soriano

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    Alfonso Soriano is a player that Yankee fans know really well. He came up from the Yankees farm system and produced offensively for his whole time in pinstripes.

    The issue is if the Yankees traded for him now, they would not be getting the same player.

    They instead would be getting a player who is no longer a .300 hitter and does not hit the home runs he used to.

    Yes he is still a good hitter and will be a good right-handed bat for the lineup.

    A right-handed batter is something that the Yankees really need as well as an improvement to Andruw Jones and a batter to replace Alex Rodriguez for a few weeks.

    This rumor ultimately is false, though, and will not happen.

Kerry Wood

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    Kerry Wood was with the Yankees last season and pitched extremely well.

    He was a shut down pitcher when called upon, and it would not be a shocker if he returns for the second half of this season.

    He brings his dominant power to the bullpen, and he can replace Joba Chamberlain, who is down due to his Tommy John surgery.

    He would be another great option to pair with David Robertson to have in the late innings and set up for Mariano Rivera.

    This rumor quite possibly could come true.

Aramis Ramirez

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    Aramis Ramirez is an interesting rumor for two reasons.

    The first is because the Yankees will not have their third basemen, Alex Rodriguez, for a good chunk of time after his arthroscopic surgery. Ramirez is a good third basemen for the time being.

    He also adds an explosive bat to the lineup.

    But unfortunately this rumor will ultimately be false.

    Eduardo Nunez has proved to be a quality replacement for infielders. He showed great form while Derek Jeter was out, and Joe Girardi has faith he will do the same while Alex Rodriguez is out.

Carlos Beltran

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    Carlos Beltran could become a very hated player by New York baseball fans if he leaves the Mets.

    Carlos Beltran was the player that the Mets invested a lot of their future in, and he has given the team very mixed results.

    While Carlos Beltran may be the big bat the Yankees want, he will not be trading in his spot on the Mets for a place on the Yankees even if he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause.

Ubaldo Jimenez

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    Ubaldo Jimenez is a very interesting prospect. He is an amazing pitcher, and he would ultimately be a player the Yankees would love to land.

    He is young and has the talent to be good for a long time if he finds a comfort level under the bright lights of New York.

    The Yankees, if they could, would likely go after him very aggressively and try to sign him.

    The only issue is, as much as there are rumors going around that the Yankees want to get him, there are just as many saying that the Rockies will absolutely not part with their ace.

    So, ultimately, the likeliness of this deal happening is not very high. But if there is a shred of truth to these rumors then the Yankees will go after him aggressively.

Carlos Lee

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    Carlos Lee would be a great pickup for the Yankees and could be a perfect fit.

    He’d be a viable option as the designated hitter and also be a good option when called upon to play the outfield or first base.

    If the Astros want to make a trade, then the Yankees should definitely deal to get Carlos Lee.

    If Lee comes in, Andruw Jones will lose many of his at-bats.

    The Carlos Lee rumor could definitely be the real thing.