Green Bay Packers: Predicting the Success of Each of the Packers' RBs and FBs

Matt SmithContributor IIIJuly 11, 2011

Green Bay Packers: Predicting the Success of Each of the Packers' RBs and FBs

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    If you count Ryan Grant, the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers had seven running backs and fullbacks on their squad.

    Add in third-round pick Alex Green out of Hawaii, and you have one crowded backfield.

    The Packers may not need to keep all of these backfield beasts and their will certainly be some moves made regarding some of these.

    With a backfield as big as Green Bay's, how effective will each of Titletown's running backs and fullbacks be?

Moves to Be Made

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    Brandon Jackson leaves in free agency. Don't get me wrong, Jackson is a great third down back. He has excellent hands and speed. For the most part last year, he was even the featured back.

    However, Ted Thompson made the move that seemingly spells doom for Jackson, the pick that brought in Alex Green.

    Green comes from a pass-heavy offense in Hawaii and is a solid third down option. If Jackson seeks more money, he's likely gone.

    Korey Hall gets shown the door. The Packers decided not to tender Hall, so like says, they either want to let him walk or sign him to an inexpensive contract. McCarthy isn't expected to keep three fullbacks.

Ryan Grant, RB

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    After Grant's unfortunate injury, the offense had no one to rely on but Aaron Rodgers.

    Grant will be 28 when the season starts and turns 29 by the end of the year. The shelf life of running backs isn't long, so we may only see a couple more seasons of productivity out of Grant.

    In the two seasons before his injury, the former undrafted free agent rushed for 1,200 yards each season.

    Though some expect James Starks to assume the starting role, I expect Grant to get back his old job.

    With the emergence of Starks late in the season Grant won't be seeing as many carries as before.

    However, an 800 yard season isn't too much to ask for.

James Starks, RB

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    It's been hard to judge Starks because in the few games he's played he's shown that he's both capable of being unstoppable and capable of being shut down.

    Though he was somewhat inconsistent, the sixth round Rookie out of Buffalo gave the Pack a rushing presence to be respected.

    Providing that Jackson is gone, Starks is the unquestioned No.2 running back on the depth chart.

    Expect to see some improvement because depending on how Ryan Grant fares, he could run to the tune of more than 500 yards.

Alex Green, RB

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    Any hope that Dom Capers had of the Packers selecting a defensive player before round three was dashed when Ted Thompson chose Alex Green out of Hawaii.

    Green comes from a pass-friendly offense led by Hawaii's star QB Bryant Moniz.

    Green has excellent receiving and pass-blocking skills, something he's had time to work on at Hawaii.

    The selection of Green allows the Packers to get rid of Brandon Jackson if he asks for too much money.

    When looking for Green, you should be able to find him on third down, where he'll block and catch passes from Aaron Rodgers. Something like 25 receptions for around 200 yards should be what to expect out of Green.

Dimitri Nance, RB

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    A possibility to be cut, Nance actually led Green Bay in rushing during one of the regular season games against Minnesota.

    After being cut by the Falcons, Nance was picked up by the Packers.

    He proceeded to rush for 96 yards on 25 carries for the season.

    Nance doesn't see much playing time and shouldn't be expected to if he makes the cut.

John Kuhn, RB/FB

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    Kuhn is a free agent, but he's also a fan favorite. It would be shocking to see Kuhn in a different uniform next season.

    The man out of Shippensburg University was the player McCarthy called when the Packers had a short yardage situation.

    Kuhn did the dirty work for the running backs and has outstanding work ethic. He does whatever he can to help the team.

    Kuhn is also a very valuable special teamer.

    In times when Green Bay needs him most, Kuhn will come through. 

Quinn Johnson, FB

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    Though he impressively managed to obtain the ball and record a four yard reception, Johnson's responsibility is to block.

    Johnson is the lead blocker in many packages and probably the best blocker on the team who is not an offensive lineman.

    If Johnson stays with the team it will be solely because of his bone-crushing blocks.

B.J. Raji, Versatile Superstar

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    I fully expect B.J. Raji to start. At the defensive tackle position.

    Raji plays multiple positions for the Pack such as defensive tackle, occasional fullback and dancer.

    The self-proclaimed "Freezer" will see an appearance every now and then in short-yardage and goal-line situations.

    And if Raji finds the endzone, you can expect to see his dance all over "SportsCenter."