1. Beautiful diagram by #Redskins offense.. Ryan Grant was on the only player going left.. caught Philly flat footed.. #RedskinsTalk..

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. Ryan Grant with what could prove a costly drop there.

  4. Yup, that Ryan Grant drop hurts. Fourth-and-10 at the 10. punting from your end zone.

  5. HUGE catch by Pierre Garcon. But drops are hurting #Redskins on this drive, too. Ryan Grant had one. Now Jordan Reed, who's hurt

  6. At @CheeseheadTV: Former Packer Ryan Grant Discusses Aaron Rodgers on CBS Podcast http://t.co/AsqnNAHX60 #Packers

  7. Throw was too wide. Did not help that Ryan grant fell but was still too wide. Ballgame. Crusher.

  8. Just like that. Ryan Grant slipped. May have been a pick anyway. Touchdown #Falcons and it's over. 25-19 win.

  9. WR Ryan Grant slips, Redskins fall to Falcons 25-19 in OT http://t.co/e3ydbnv2xV

  10. Redskins coach Jay Gruden said of the interception in overtime that Kirk Cousins had to throw before Ryan Grant... http://t.co/ZoXlu1NbK0

  11. Gruden: "I think Ryan [Grant] is a developing football player. ... He's going to get better and better through these experiences."

  12. Jay Gruden twice blamed a 'turf monster' for Ryan Grant slipping on the pick-six play in OT. #RedskinsTalk

  13. Ryan Grant took blame for the pick-6. "I slipped." Said throw was supposed to be outside as it was, but slip kept him from getting to ball.

  14. Redskins WR Ryan Grant shoulders blame for Sunday's costly pick-6 http://t.co/PK94kb2Bc4 #RedskinsTalk http://t.co/6T2LVjrYR3

  15. Ryan Grant blames himself for Kirk Cousins’s game-ending pick-six against Atlanta http://t.co/l9xrQwxHHV

  16. Ryan Grant blames himself for Kirk Cousins's game-ending pick-six against Atlanta http://t.co/20mLr2pppT

  17. WR Ryan Grant ready to "move forward" and continue improving after misstep. READ: http://t.co/StCAHEaIUc http://t.co/niFIcYD17Z

  18. Thread the needle. Kirk Cousins delivers through traffic to Ryan Grant - 6 yards. First down #Redskins.

  19. #Jets slot corner Buster Skrine is excellent. But Ryan Grant makes play as Cousins fired into a tight window. Key 3rd down. #Redskins set up

  20. Heck of a catch by Ryan Grant there. Redskins marching.

  21. Great route by Ryan Grant.. perfect throw by Cousins.. #Redskins can lead at half.. remarkable.. now, about those 3rd qtrs?? #RedskinsTalk..

  22. Kirk finds Ryan Grant for a 16-yarder. First down for the #Redskins on the 20. 00:16 left in the half. Let's do this.

  23. That's #Redskins WR Ryan Grant's first career TD! #TBvsWAS https://t.co/2aq6vm88gu

  24. Chipping away. Ryan Grant's 1st career TD cuts the Bucs' lead to 10. https://t.co/8NjrzoyG63

  25. WR Ryan Grant's #TBvsWAS TD was the first of his career: https://t.co/NsHXp5fmCP https://t.co/wYPDXwidJk

  26. Said it the other day, but will do so again: Jamison Crowder threw several key blocks Sunday. Ryan Grant had a couple, too. Huge difference

  27. Ryan Grant won't match DeSean Jackson as a receiver but he replaced him on a third and two for a reason: his... https://t.co/RUG3FMXSVl

  28. Sweet feet from Ryan Grant. https://t.co/b6T3Q71vH0

  29. Ryan Grant shrugs off onside kick recovery whiff https://t.co/Mvt7Zc8HOC

  30. Jay Gruden on onside kick botch by Ryan Grant: "Ball bouncing weird. Why they call it pigskin, I guess." But said he should have had it.

  31. Is there a #Redskins receiver/tight end who HASN'T dropped a ball today? Ryan Grant maybe?

  32. Ryan Grant could not recover the onside kick and the pats are back in business. Inexcusable.

  33. Ryan Grant couldn't hang onto the ball. bounced right off him and to the Patriots on that kick.

  34. Ryan Grant said DeSean Jackson was a big reason for his breakthrough Sunday: https://t.co/FRJeVGfiF4 #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/sdvSQjq5xC

  35. Back to Ryan Grant. Wide open.

  36. Wow. Big gain on pass to Ryan Grant and Redskins are back inside the Bucs' 20 ...

  37. Now Cousins finds Ryan Grant who gets 32 yards down to the #Bucs 19-yard line.

  38. TOUCHDOWN @Redskins Kirk Cousins finds Ryan Grant for a 3-yard score. WAS trails TB, 24-14. https://t.co/nqJACrjKxE

  39. Ryan Grant catches a 3-yard TD pass. The lead is now 24-14 #Buccaneers with 11:10 left in the 3Q. Need another defensive stop, but...

  40. Redskins mounting a comeback. 24-14 after Cousins TD pass to Ryan Grant.