The 7 Most Awkward Players in the NFL Today

Nathan BadleyCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2011

The 7 Most Awkward Players in the NFL Today

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    For NFL players, there are many awkward moments, such as missing the big catch or stumbling over your own tongue during that postgame conference. 

    Then there are people who have become defined by their awkwardness.

    Look at former NFL kicker Bill Gramatica as an example. If you happen to tear your ACL, ending your rookie season after celebrating a field goal in the first half of a regular season game, well, you have created one of the most awkward moments in sports. You are destined to be remembered by that forever.

    While these players may not always be remembered for their awkwardness, it will most likely be in the back of our minds when we see them.

Brett Favre

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    Brett Favre has said he will retire and maybe this time it will stick. While he may be known as one of the best quarterbacks of all time, Favre is also known as one of the more awkward.

    Even if you ignore his misuse of cell phones’ picture messaging, Favre still would have earned a spot on this list with his Wrangler jean ads. Add in his love for Vanilla Ice, and you have an awkward man.

Shaun Smith

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    Chiefs’ defensive lineman Shaun Smith may not be a huge star on the field, but he certainly grabbed hold of a spot on this list and would not let go.

    In 2010, Smith was accused in back to back weeks of, to put it delicately, grabbing other player’s sexting regions. While other players may occasionally cop a feel of their opponents, no one has been called out for their groping antics as much as Smith who was fined $10,000 for his hand placement as well as basically removing any chance that the opposing team will want to shake his hands after the game.

    After all, you have no idea where those things have been.

Eli Manning

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    Eli Manning is a good quarterback. Unfortunately for Manning, being good only puts him in the middle of the pack at the Manning Thanksgiving dinner. While Eli may not be able to match Peyton on the field, he can at least out-awkward him.

    I’m sure there are many Eli fans that would defend the younger Manning, saying he is not awkward and this is an unfair criticism. To them, I say look at the clip above. This is not the only awkward clip of Eli in existence, proving he is definitely awkward.

DeSean Jackson

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    Where do you go to point out how awkward DeSean Jackson can be? Is it when he hip bumped coach Andy Reid after a touchdown? Was it when he shoved Aaron Rodgers in the middle of a press conference to tell him congratulations for beating his team?

    I think the press conference after the Eagles’ Monday Night win against the Redskins last season sums it up when Jackson said the Eagles were “like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage,” an analogy that most likely made quarterback Michael Vick a bit anxious. After your quarterback spends time in prison for dog fighting, you should probably stay away from angry pit bull metaphors. 

Tom Brady

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    Winning the Super Bowl multiple times is quite a feat and Tom Brady has done just that, leading the Patriots to three Super Bowl wins. This earned Brady the spot of hosting Saturday Night Live.

    While Brady was funny at times on Saturday Night Live, he was clearly not even remotely comfortable in front of the cameras. Add in this shot of him sporting a Justin Bieber haircut, an action that even Bieber himself made fun of, and everyone has to admit that he is awkward.

Hines Ward

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    Look at that smile. Do I need to say anything else?

Philip Rivers

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    Philip Rivers, the San Diego Chargers’ quarterback is very poised on the field. Unfortunately for Rivers, the pictures do not always show that.

    Rivers has a tendency to look like a mental patient when his picture is taken. It’s not just one bad picture, it's dozens. Rivers does not seem awkward with the ball in his hands, but any chance at modeling seems to be out the window for Rivers.