Tennessee Titans: Top 10 Players Since the Move to Tennessee

Chase SummersCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2011

Tennessee Titans: Top 10 Players Since the Move to Tennessee

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    In Tennessee Titans history, there have been some great players.

    From the Superbowl run in 1999 to the thrilling 13-3 division-winning year in 2008, the Titans have always had some talent.

    This begs the question: Who are the best players in Titans history?

    After researching this topic for hours, I feel I have come up with a suitable top ten.

    While this list is in no way definitive, I feel that these players have the greatest positive impacts for the franchise during its time in Tennessee.

10. Blaine Bishop

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    Stats: 240 tackles, 5 sacks

    Blaine Bishop was the heart and soul of the Tennessee team that went to the Super Bowl its first year as the Titans.

    Known as one of the best hard-hitting safeties in the league, Bishop was originally drafted by the Oilers in the eighth round in 1993. As a Houston Oiler, he made two All-Pro teams and became a star.

    When the Titans moved to Tennessee, Bishop became a fan favorite for his hard-nosed style. He played three years as a Titan and was named All-Pro in 2000.

9. Frank Wycheck

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    Stats: 505 receptions, 5,126 yards, 28 touchdowns

    Frank Wycheck started out his career as a sixth-round pick by the Washington Redskins in 1993. After two years as a Redskin, he was released and picked up by the Houston Oilers.

    Wycheck's career really took off once the Oilers came to Tennessee.

    He made his first Pro-Bowl in 1998, the year before the team became the Titans. He continued his success in 1999 and 2000, being named to the Pro Bowl in those years, too.

    Wycheck retired following the 2003 season after suffering the last of what were many concussions that plagued his career.

    He now serves as the color commentator for the local radio broadcast of Titans games.

8. Derrick Mason

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    Stats: 924 receptions, 11,891 yards, 66 touchdowns

    Derrick Mason was drafted in the fourth round of the 1997 draft by the Tennessee Oilers. He spent his first couple of years mainly as a return specialist and was very good at his job as his All-Pro selection as a return man in 2000 shows.

    In 2001 Mason began a four-year streak of 1,000-yard seasons for the Titans. During this four-year period, he provided the most consistent and dangerous threat the Titans had had at wide receiver.

    Mason's best moment as a Titan came in the 1999 AFC championship game when he returned a safety kick 79 yards for a touchdown. The return swung all the momentum in the Titans' favor and helped propel the team to a 33-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.  

7. Albert Haynesworth

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    Stats: 324 tackles, 30.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles

    The Titans had high expectations for Albert Haynesworth after drafting him in the first round in 2002.

    Although he started out a bit slow, when he finally reached his potential, he was unstoppable.

    After his early career was marred by lack of effort and an incident in which he stomped on a Cowboys player's face, Haynesworth burst onto the scene as the greatest force in the NFL in 2007 and 2008.

    During those two seasons, he had a combined 91 tackles and 14.5 sacks. He was also named All-Pro both years.

    Sadly the next year the Redskins signed Haynesworth to a $100 million deal.

    As you probably know, his career there has not been as successful as his time in Tennessee.  

6. Jevon Kearse

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    Stats: 314 tackles, 74 sacks, 1 interception

    The "Freak" was an absolute monster for the Titans. Sadly, he got injured and then then left in free agency, but when he was healthy, Kearse was great.

    In his rookie year of 1999, Kearse had 14.5 sacks and was named rookie if the year. He was also selected as an All-Pro.

    He was good the next couple of years, too, and was sent to the Pro-Bowl repeatedly.

    Jevon Kearse's star shined only for a few years, but it shined brightly when it did. 

5. Keith Bulluck

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    Stats: 1069 tackles, 18 sacks, 21 interceptions

    Keith Bulluck spent 10 years with the Titans—they were 10 years that Titans fans will never forget.

    Bulluck made three All-Pro teams and was the heart and soul of the Titans during his time in Tennessee.

    Bulluck was always cocky and confident. When the Titans beat the Steelers to lock up the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, he stomped on the Terrible Towel, and after dominating many primetime matchups, he declared himself Mr. Monday night.

    Yet despite his lovable attitude and great play, over the years he remained vastly underrated—he only made one Pro Bowl and was never regonized as a star.

    But he was a star, and he was one of the greatest players in Titans history. 

4. Bruce Matthews

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    Stats: 296 games played, 229 consecutive starts

    If anyone deserves the name "Bruce Almighty," it's Matthews.

    Among Matthews' accomplishments are 14 Pro Bowl appearances, 9 All-Pro selections, and the record for most games played with 296 (since surpassed by Brett Favre).

    He started at all five offensive line positions during his three-decade career and played well at each.

    He may be the best lineman in NFL history.

    The only reason I dont't have him higher on my list is that he played only three years as a Titan. Although he accumulated two All-Pro seasons during that three-year period, it was just too short a time to rank him higher.  

3. Chris Johnson

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    Stats: 4598 rushing yards, 34 touchdowns

    I have a feeling that when Johnson retires he will be the greatest Titan of them all—he has set records galore and still has a few years left to make these numbers even better.

    Even though Johnson has played only three seasons so far, in those three years he has played brilliantly. In 2009 he rushed for 2006 yards and broke the NFL's yards-from-scrimmage record.

    Right now Johnson may be the best in the league, and Titans fans will be looking forward to him continuing that dominance for a while. 

2. Steve McNair

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    Stats: 31,304 passing yards, 174 touchdowns, 119 interceptions

    What?! Steve "Air" McNair not the best Titans player ever?

    It's true that McNair was amazing, but he was not the best.

    During his career he was sent to three Pro Bowls, named All-Pro once, and named NFL MVP once, in 2003. He also led the Titans to their first and only Super Bowl and played through pain that would keep most other players sidelined for weeks.

    Sadly, McNair was killed on July 4, 2009, but he will always be remembered by Titans fans as one of the best players to ever wear two-tone blue.

1. Eddie George

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    Stats: 10,441 yards, 68 touchdowns

    Eddie George is undoubtedly the greatest Titans player ever.

    He is the franchise leader in rushing (including stats accumulated during the Oilers era) and was a two-time All-Pro, but most importantly he was the cog that made the Titans offense go.

    McNair may get more publicity and love, but the Titans were a run-first team, and George was the workhorse.

    He crashed his way through lines bloodying and bruising anyone who got in his way. George wore down defenses and put the Titans in great position to win. He may not have been a home run threat, but he still had the speed to make long runs.

    He was a great player, and in my mind he is the best player in Titans history.