Pittsburgh Pirates: McCutchen Files Slight for Future Reference

Paul LadewskiCorrespondent IIJuly 5, 2011

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PITTSBURGH – Uh-oh, manager Bruce Bochy and the National League. Now you've really done it.

Andrew McCutchen has been passed over for the All-Star Game not once but twice now, and he plans to take the slight out on the rest of the league.

“I'll just have to hit .330,” the center fielder told me this morning.


“Yeah, (the snub) will be in the back of my mind,” he went on to say. “It makes me want to do even better.”

It seems that McCutchen has started to make good on his promise already.

In his last 13 games, the guy has been brilliant. No, I mean Roberto Clemente-Dave Parker-Barry Bonds brilliant. In that span, he has a .396 batting average, 10 runs scored, nine RBI and nine extra-base hits, the most dominant two-week stretch in his career. (Think: Carlos Beltran times two.)

“I know that I'm capable of playing with everyone else,” McCutchen said. “I just have continue to do what I know that I can do. In a way, this could turn out even better for me and the team.”

At the same time, McCutchen has to proceed with caution here. In the past, there were times when he tried a bit too hard and more became less. But if he continues to stay within himself, as they say, then I've got two words for the Bochy and the Giants when he comes to the Bay Area next month.

Intentional walk.

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