6 Trades Even the NFL Elite Would Have to Consider

Sean ClairCorrespondent IJune 30, 2011

6 Trades Even the NFL Elite Would Have to Consider

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    It's never really happened. Two or more big stars in the NFL getting traded for one another.

    Trades don't happen as much in the NFL as they do in the NBA or Major League Baseball, and if they do happen, it rarely involves a huge name.

    Usually it's a veteran for some picks, or a guy a team believes can come in and help them for maybe that one season.

    What would it be like if household stars were traded though? 

    It would probably be pretty shocking, but it would be extremely interesting.

    Obviously these trades have about a one percent chance of happening, but they could in the end, I believe, benefit both teams.

    Remember all of this is completely "what if," but I look forward to whatever comments you may have.

Atlanta-San Francisco Trade

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    San Francisco Receives Michael Jenkins and Sean Witherspoon

    Atlanta Receives Nate Clements and Manny Lawson

    OK, so this trade doesn't have the big household names, but it involves some players that I actually believe have trade value.

    San Francisco needs another wide receiver. Michael Crabtree has yet to live up to the billing and needs another playmaker to help him.

    Michael Jenkins has become, in my opinion, available because of the drafting of Julio Jones. He had his best season last year and could help the Niners.

    Witherspoon is a young linebacker who could come in and be a stud next to Patrick Willis.

    The Niners haven't gotten the play they wanted out of Clements, after signing him as a big free agent a few years ago.

    The Falcons need help at corner, and Clements could be able to help them field that area despite his down play the last few years.

    Lawson also hasn't been as good as the Niners have wanted, and it may be time for him to move on. He would be beneficial in helping the Falcons pass rush.

Tennessee-Miami Trade

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    Miami Receives Derrick Morgan and Nate Washington

    Tennessee Receives Brandon Marshall

    Brandon Marshall is beginning to become a headcase wherever he goes. He couldn't fit in in Denver, and now he's not fairing to well in Miami.

    The Dolphins are in need of help at a few spots, but this is a trade to really get rid of Marshall.

    They need help at pass rushing, and Morgan was a first-round pick last year who, you would think, still has plenty of potential left, despite having a very sub-par rookie year.

    Nate Washington also comes over as a receiver who could fill the void left by Marshall, and bring stability into the locker room.

    The Titans are in need of a big playmaker to help their rookie quarterback Jake Locker.

    Marshall, despite the locker room problems, would be someone the Titans and Locker could rely on to help in the passing game.

Cincinnati-Dallas Trade

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    Dallas Receives Leon Hall and Chinedum Ndukwe

    Cincinnati Receives Miles Austin and Mike Jenkins

    Both of these teams are in need of help at one certain position, and they can each get that help if this trade went through.

    Everyone seems to forget how good the two corners, Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph, are in Cincinnati. 

    The Cowboys need help in the secondary. By bringing in Leon Hall, you get that top corner. They also get help by getting strong safety Chinedum Ndukwe, who is behind Reggie Nelson with the Bengals.

    The Bengals need help at receiver with T.O. out of the picture and the future of Chad Ochocinco up in the air.

    Miles Austin would be able to step in immediately and be the No. 1 receiver the Bengals so desperately need.

    Mike Jenkins also needs a new scenery. Maybe Cincinnati would fit him nicely.

Baltimore-New York Giants Trade

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    Baltimore Receives Corey Webster and Osi Umenyiora

    New York Receives Haloti Ngata

    If I was the Ravens I wouldn't give up Haloti Ngata, but this trade could make sense for the Ravens and Giants.

    The Ravens, despite drafting Jimmy Smith, still need help at cornerback. Corey Webster has been solid in his career, and could help sure up the secondary.

    Osi Umenyiora needs a change of scenery, as he and the Giants are far apart. He could be beneficial to the Ravens pass-rushing attack.

    The Giants don't have a huge need at defensive tackle, but by giving up these two they could warrant someone like Ngata.

    He is someone, no matter where he plays, who could step in and be the plug that the middle of you line needs for years.

Houston-San Diego Trade

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    Houston Receives Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Quentin Jammer and Ryan Matthews

    San Diego Receives Arian Foster, Owen Daniels and Mario Williams

    Now things start to get interesting, as this could be a blockbuster between the Texans and Chargers.

    Both of these teams have good offenses, and probably don't need to make changes, but this could make sense for both sides.

    The Texans need secondary help so Quentin Jammer will help in that department. 

    They also, in return, receive Antonio Gates and Malcom Floyd to offset the departures of Daniels and Williams. Matthews offsets Foster.

    This would turn the Texans into one of, if not the most, potent passing attacks in the league.

    The Chargers get the running back of the future in Foster as Matthews didn't work out last year.

    They also get Daniels to offset the loss of Gates, and Williams to help in the pass-rushing attack, which has really declined in the last few seasons.

Denver-Arizona Trade

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    Denver Receives Larry Fitzgerald, Darnell Dockett and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    Arizona Receives Champ Bailey, Kyle Orton, DJ Williams  and Brandon Lloyd 

    This would be by far a huge blockbuster, as both teams would be giving up huge pieces of their current franchises.

    Larry Fitzgerald is the cornerstone for the Cardinals, while Dockett is a locker room leader. DRC is also a young corner who could still grow.

    However, they could receive a quarterback who doesn't get enough credit in Orton, a stud to help at middle linebacker (in their 3-4) in Williams, a deep threat in Lloyd, and a still very good corner in Bailey, who can also tutor first-round pick Patrick Peterson.

    The Broncos on the other hand receive the receiver in Fitzgerald who can come in and be a go-to target for presumed starter Tim Tebow.

    They also get a veteran leader and good defensive tackle in Dockett and a corner for the future in DRC.