The 50 Best 'Crowd Goes Wild' Moments in NFL History

Ben SullivanCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2017

The 50 Best 'Crowd Goes Wild' Moments in NFL History

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    There are plenty of rules that, if followed correctly, will make your NFL watching experience the best it can be.

    The No. 1 rule? To get the best experience possible watch the game with as many other fans as you can find.

    The best way to do this is to go to the game. After all, you'd need a pretty big living room to have 60,000 plus of your closest friends over next Sunday.

    If you can't get to the game the next best thing is to either go to a local watering hole or just have your friends and family come to you.

    You need to watch football with others because sometimes, not every game, but sometimes you will have the opportunity to witness something truly great transpire on the field before you. And these moments are made even better if they are a shared experience.

    In honor of these special moments we get to share as fans, here are the 50 best "Crowd Goes Wild" moments in NFL history.

50. Buffalo Bills Tight End Derek Fine Scores Touchdown

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    Buffalo fans don't have much to be excited about these days, so a touchdown by the tight end gets some really good fan reaction.

49. Detroit Lions Beat the Cleveland Browns on the Last Play of the Game

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    It's a good thing the Detroit Lions gave their fans some wins to cheer about this season, because this group can really get rowdy.

48. Fans Get Excited over Tim Tebow's First NFL Touchdown

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    You know your fans love you when they go nuts in a quite bar over a regular season touchdown.

47. Jets Fans Celebrate Touchdown Run

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    I had to include this just for the guy at the end.

    First he's texting, then he's yelling something incoherent into the camera.


46. The Washington Redskins Take the Lead Against the Eagles

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    Redskins fans really like to beat the Eagles, can you tell?

45. Seattle Seahawks Fans Cheer Interception Return for Touchdown

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    I really like this one because the crowd is so subdued since the home team in on defense. Then the excitement comes on so suddenly when their team scores.

44. 49ers Fans Celebrate Draft Choice

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    The bad news for 49ers fans? The best thing they've had to go wild over in years was a draft pick.

    The good news for 49ers fans? Things get better at the end of the list, I promise.

43. Raiders Fans React to Overtime Win Against the Division Rival Chiefs

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    The Raiders haven't been too good lately.

    But you can't blame that on their fans.

    When you get this kind of celebration for a regular season game in early November, you know your fans are loyal.

42. Bills Fans Celebrate Victory

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    What can I say, I'm a sucker for novelty fan songs.

    Goooo Buff-a-looooo!

41. Wild and Crazy Steelers Fan

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    Can someone ask this guys if that's a touchdown? I wasn't sure. Thanks.

40. Detroit Finally Gets a Win in 2009

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    When your team hasn't won a game in almost two full years, the crowd is going to explode.

39. Marshawn Lynch Scores a Long Touchdown Run in the 2010 Playoffs

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    These Seahawks fans were riding high at this point in their playoff game against the then defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

38. Jets Fans React to Their Team Drafting Vernon Gholston

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    This is why you shouldn't get too excited about a draft pick.

37. Jets Fans React to Their Team Drafting Mark Sanchez

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    Okay, maybe you should get excited about draft picks, this one seems to be working out.

36. Bears Fan Celebrates in Style

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    Don't act like you've never done this. 

35. Ryan Clark Intercepts Joe Flacco

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    Check out the guy at the very end. Nothing is better than the random yell into the camera.

    Sports joy at its finest.

34. Jets Beat the Colts in the Playoffs

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    Rex Ryan and the Jets gave their fans plenty to go crazy over during the 2010 playoffs.

33. Patriots Fans Celebrate Tom Brady Touchdown

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    Football fans always look so happy before it gets the worst.

32. Philly Fans Celebrate Desean Jackson's Game Winning Punt Return

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    From desperation to elation. Isn't football great?

31. Seahawks Beat Cowboys in the 2007 Playoffs

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    The Seahawks fans bring the noise every time their team steps on the field.

    When they get the chance to beat America's Team in the playoffs they step things up.

30. Redskins Fans Sing "Hail to the Redskins"

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    When celebrations turn into large group sign-a-longs, we all win.

29. Devin Hester Kicks off SuperBowl XLI

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    Bears fans had plenty to be happy about after the opening kickoff of their Super Bowl against the Colts.

    Too bad it was only downhill for them from there.

28. New York Giants Win Superbowl XLII

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    The Giants were supposed to have no chance against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

    No wonder the New York fans were so excited when they won. 

27. Troy Palumalu Scores Touchdown in AFC Championship Game

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    Few things get a crowd going wild like a pick six.

    Add to the mix that it was in the AFC Championship Game and that the crowd was the typically rowdy Pittsburgh Steelers faithful and you have one great fan reaction moment.

26. Packers Fans Get Excited over Superbowl Victory

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    This video proves, once again, that jumping up and down in front of, and screaming into, the camera will always get you a spot on this list.

25. New England Patriots Snow Celebration

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    What all started because there was too much snow to remove it all before a Pats game, the New England fans throwing snow in the air after a touchdown has become one of the coolest celebration rituals in the NFL.

24. Brett Farve Beats the 49ers on Last Second Heave

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    Brett Farve has done lots of things that have made his fans scratch their heads.

    Then again he does things like this last second touchdown throw to Greg Lewis for a win against the San Francisco 49ers.

23. Bears Fans Go Nuts over Devin Hester's Opening Kickoff in the Super Bowl

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    Imagine what they would have done if Chicago had actually won the game?

22. Pittsburgh Fans Celebrate a SuperBowl Win

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    These Pittsburgh fans went crazy after the Steelers came out on top over the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

21. Eagles Fans Celebrate McNabb Touchdown in the 2004 NFC Championship Game

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    These Eagles fans had seen their team fall short in the NFC Championship Game before, this time they were ready to celebrate a victory.

20.Fans Celebrate the Jets Upset the Patriots in the Playoffs

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    How do you know when your celebration has taken it to another level?

    When you knock over the camera you set up to record your victory, that's when!

19. Reggie Bush Scores Touchdown on Punt Return

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    Those Saints fans can really get the Superdome rocking.  Too bad they won't have Reggie Bush to cheer on much longer.

18. Colts Intercept Tom Brady in the 2006 AFC Championship Game

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    The old RCA Dome in Indianapolis could really rock.

    No other time was it as crazy as it was right after Marlin Jackson itercepted a Tom Brady pass, sending the Colts to the Super Bowl.

17. Colts Win 2009 AFC Championship Game

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    Ok, so maybe the Colts fans know how to get loud in their new stadium too.

16. Packers Fans Celebrate Their Win in Superbowl XLV

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    Packers Fans always represent well at the local drinking establishments when their team is in a big game.

15. Steelers Win SuperBowl XL

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    Detroit was a Steelers city when they hosted SuperBowl XL because of native son Jerome Bettis.

    When the Steelers came out on top, the crowd went nuts.

14. The Miami Dolphins Beat the Unbeaten 1985 Chicago Bears

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    The Dolphins came into this highly anticipated Monday Night Football game looking to play spoiler to the vaunted 1985 Bears and their new "46" defense. 

    The crowd at Joe Robbie Stadium did their part and fueled the Miami victory.

13. Fans Go Crazy over New York Giants Superbowl Win

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    These Giants fans really went crazy when New York upset the New England Patriots.

12. The Music City Miracle

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    Was it a forward pass? Was it a lateral? We may never know.

    But we do know that it made the Tennessee crowd go wild.

11. Saints Fans Celebrate Their Trip to the Super Bowl on Bourbon Street

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    Now that's a party. 

10. BJ Raji Returns Interception for a Touchdown

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    These Packers fans are going nuts over a Green Bay touchdown in Chicago.

    When you risk life and limb to go wild over your team, you jump way up on the list. 

9. The Immaculate Reception

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    Steelers fans prove they've been bringing it for decades now.

8. Adam Vinatieri Kicks the Game Winning Field Goal in the Snow Game

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    This game gave us the infamous "Tuck Rule".

    But whether your a Pats fan or you think that the Raiders got hosed, this video shows football fans at their best.  

    Cold, wet and tired and still able to celebrate like crazy.

7. Hartley Sends the Saints to the Superbowl

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    The Saints fan exploded after their team earned their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

6. Green Bay Fans Celebrate Victory in the 2010 NFC Championship Game

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    Check out the guy in the overalls doing the Aaron Rodgers championship belt dance. 

    That made my night, seriously.

5. New York Fans Go Nuts over SuperBowl Win

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    This was so good they made a commercial out of it.

4. The New England Patriots Win Superbowl XXXVI

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    Remember back when the Patriots were the lovable underdogs?

    It may seem like another world, but just ten short years ago the upstart Patriots shocked the world when they upset the Kurt Warner and "The Greatest Show on Turf".

3. New Orleans Saints Win SuperBowl XLIV

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    People from New Orleans know how to party. 

    Their reaction to the Saints winning the Super Bowl did not disappoint.

    Good job Saints fans. 

2. The Winning Touchdown of the 1958 NFL Championship Game

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    This game has the best nickname ever.

    It's simply known as "The Greatest Game Ever" and was the contest that put pro football on the American sports map.

1. The Catch

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    Easily No. 1 on my "wished I was there" list.