Buffalo Bills Unveil New Uniforms, Should Vikings Do the Same?

Nick McAndrewsCorrespondent IIIJune 24, 2011

Today, the Buffalo Bills unveiled their new uniforms for the 2011 season on the team's website. 

The new uniforms will replace the ones the team had used since 2003. 

Because they were so progressive, fans had mixed opinions on the 2003 uniforms, and I think that the change back to a more traditional style fits their fan-base. 

Of course, being a Minnesota Vikings fan, I am very jealous of the Bills' new digs and wish the Vikings would do the same. 

Minnesota switched to their current uniforms in 2006, keeping their classic jerseys as their only alternates. Because it has been such a short time, I don't really see it happening any time soon but a guy can wish right?

One thing that does make me hopeful, the New York Times reports that Nike will replace Reebok as the NFL's licensed apparel provider starting in 2012, possibly meaning new uniforms for the 32 NFL teams. 

In regards to that article, pictures have been floating around the Internet of possible new Nike NFL uniforms. These pictures, though rumored to be legitimate possibilities, have been proven false by a testimonial from both the NFL and Nike. 

The sketches, though fake, caused a frenzy among NFL fans who gave them a very mixed reaction. 

Awesome right?
Awesome right?

I, myself, am on the side that enjoys the designs, but I realize that there are football purists out there that would disagree with me. 

The Vikings uniforms from that picture set are awesome in my opinion and are actually my inspiration for this article and I've displayed it to the right. 

Though the rumored photos were proven invalid, I think the Vikings need to add a little flair to their uniforms. I'm sure I'm not the only Vikings fan that is bored with the current selections. 

If they don't re-do the uniforms completely, I think the addition of a new alternate jersey would be great for fans. 

My proposal would be either with an all-black uniforms with purple and gold accents and the current helmet, or a gold jersey with purple accents to wear with the purple pants and current helmet. 

I would be really excited to see the addition of such a uniform; it could serve to be much like the San Diego Chargers powder-blue uniforms and become somewhat iconic in the NFL community. 

The Minnesota Vikings have never been an archetypal or complacent team, I think their uniforms should be representative of that. 

Any opinions?