Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Best Offensive Seasons in Team History

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJune 22, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Best Offensive Seasons in Team History

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    The Philadelphia Phillies are a team with a rich history that dates back 128 years. 

    Along the way they have produced many Hall of Fame players including: Steve Carlton, Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts and Jim Bunning.

    Over the years, they have accumulated just two World Series trophies while fluctuating between solid and poor campaigns.

    There have been many years that have been particularly strong offensively. Here are the 10 best offensive seasons in Phillies history.  


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    Record: 221-167

    Manager: Harry Wright and Arthur Irwin 

    I wish I was around to watch this team play. Over the course of three years, this Phillies team managed to score over 1,000 runs. 

    When looking back at the statistics, there are three things that blow my mind about this. Firstly, they played 10 less games than today. Secondly, no player on the team hit more than 18 home runs over the three-year span. Lastly, they scored 1,000 runs.

    However, each year they had at least three player record over 100 RBI.

    Notable players from this team include Ed Delahanty, Billy Hamilton, Sam Thompson and Jack Clements. In fact, Delahanty, Hamilton and Thompson all hit over .400 in at least one of these years.  


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    Record: 52-102

    Manager: Burt Shotton

    Right fielder Chuck Klein made himself one of the greatest Phillies of all-time and was the bulk of the offense of the 1930 squad.

    Klein had a .368 batting average, hammered 40 home runs and recorded 170 RBI. He also led the league that year in doubles (58) and runs (158). It was probably Klein's best season.

    Pink Whitney (3B) and Lefty O'Doul (OF) also helped out with the offense as Whitney had 117 RBI and O'Doul recorded 97.

    But there was a reason why this great offensive team only won 52 games—horrible pitching. 

    Two of the four starting pitchers had an ERA over seven, one had over a five and the best pitcher's ERA was a 4.78. In total, they allowed 1199 runs. Ouch. Let's not even comment on the relievers.

    Despite the horrendous pitching, the 1930 offense scored a total of 944 runs and is without a doubt one of the best offensive teams in Phillies history.


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    Record: 101-61

    Manager: Danny Ozark

    The 1977 offense featured two power hitters that made up the bulk of the production: Mike Schmidt and Greg Luzinski.

    Luzinski, also known as "The Bull," had his best year of his career as he hit .309, with 39 home runs and 130 RBI. Schmidt was equally impressive, with 38 HR with 101 RBI.

    Other notable players include: Bob Boone, Richie Hebner and Garry Maddox.

    Everyone in the lineup hit at least .280 except for Schmidt, but he was one of their most productive players.

    Scoring a total of 847 runs, the 1977 Phillies piled over 100 wins and made it as far as the NLCS, but ended up losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1.


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    Record: 91-71 

    Manager: Dallas Green

    This lineup was very similar to the 1977 team, with the main difference being the addition of Pete Rose at first base.

    Schmidt had the best year of his career, leading the Phillies in their defeat of the Kansas City Royals for their first World Series victory in franchise history. 

    He hit 48 home runs, drove in 121 runs and increased his batting average to .286. Schmidt also hit two key home runs in the World Series. 

    This was Luzinski's final season as a Phillie, and fortunately they won it all. He put together a good season with 19 home runs as well as a crucial home run in Game 1 of the NLCS that ultimately won the game.    

    However, I can't mention this team without Steve Carlton and Tug McGraw. They certainly helped lift the team to victory.

    The 1980 team scored a total of 728 runs, and although it wasn't the best offensive season, it featured Schmidt's best season and a World Series triumph.  


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    Record: 97-65

    Manager: Jim Fregosi

    I know, it's hard to think back to the Joe Carter walk-off home run, but we have to realize that this was one of the best offensive seasons in Phillies history.

    At the time, the main offensive guys were Darren Daulton (C), John Kruk (1B), Dave Hollins (3B) and Lenny Dykstra (OF).

    Daulton had the best year of them all, hitting 24 home runs with 105 RBI. Hollins came close, with 20 HR and 100 RBI and Dykstra chipped in 19 HR.

    Together, they scored a total of 877 runs, which led to 97 victories and a run to the World Series. 

    Although that one pitch to Joe Carter will always replay in the back of our minds, we should also recognize the offense this team put together. 


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    Record: 89-73

    Manager: Charlie Manuel

    Now we enter the modern Phillies era. This squad led the National League in runs scored with 892. It's safe to say the offense was pretty potent.

    Five Phillies hit over 20 home runs: Ryan Howard (47), Chase Utley (22), Aaron Rowand (27), Pat Burrell (30) and Jimmy Rollins (30). Not only that, but Howard and Utley both drove in over 100 runs.

    Rollins was a force that year, as he won the NL MVP. He played all 162 games, led the league in runs (139), triples (20) and at bats (716). He also recorded over 200 hits and 38 doubles.

    This offense was great due to its balanced attack. There were a couple players that could do a little bit of everything like Rollins and Utley, power guys like Howard and Burrell and other solid hitters like Rowand and Shane Victorino.

    This was the start of a run for Philadelphia to a World Series title and also the year the team really started to become elite.



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    Record: 92-70

    Manager: Charlie Manuel

    How could I not include this World Series year?

    This year the offense truly established themselves as one of the best in baseball. Although it didn’t match the offensive success as the previous year, it was still great nonetheless.

    The lineup was similar to 2007, except this one included five-tool player, Jayson Werth, and veteran third baseman Pedro Feliz.

    Similar to 2007, everyone contributed to the offense. Four players hit over 20 HR including Howard, Utley, Burrell and Werth, while Rollins, Victorino and Feliz hit over 10.

    In total they scored nearly 800 runs and became a dominant offensive force in the league.

    This World Series year is unlike any other due in large part to their prolific offense.


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    Record: 93-69

    Manager: Charlie Manuel

    Offensively, it was a great way to respond to a World Series year, but unfortunately they did not win it all, and of all teams, they lost to the Yankees in the big game.

    Anyway, this season was arguably their best offensive campaign of all-time, along with 2007. Werth really sparked them, hitting 33 home runs and driving in nearly 100 runs. Howard was his usual self, with 45 HR and 141 RBI.

    This was also Raul Ibanez's first year with the team. He rebounded in a big way, with 34 HR and 93 RBI. Utley also had a big impact, with 31 HR and 93 RBI.

    Overall, Rollins hit over 20 HR, three players had home run totals in the 30's and Howard hit over 40. Not to mention, Victorino and Feliz hit double-digit homers as well.

    It's truly amazing how much power this team had this year; it's hard to believe they bring home the World Series.

    Either way, this was arguably the best offensive Phillies team of all-time.