6 Washington Redskins with the Most to Prove in Training Camp

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJune 9, 2011

6 Washington Redskins with the Most to Prove in Training Camp

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    Even though the NFL lockout is still in place I think it’s time we start looking ahead to the season.

    If the NFL wasn’t locked out this would be prime time for some training camp talk, and we all know and love all the storylines that come along with the summer offseason.

    The Washington Redskins are a team surrounded by personnel controversy, and actually a few really good positional battles.

    When training camp does start up there are going to be a few players with a lot to prove.

    Here are six Washington Redskins with the most to prove in training camp.

6. DeAngelo Hall

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    Many people aren’t thinking about this, but I think Hall has a lot to prove coming into the 2011 season and training camp.

    He had a tremendous year in 2010, but I am wondering if he is going to drop off.

    Does he still have what it takes to be a shutdown corner?

    Does he still have enough gas left in the tank to be the team’s best defensive player and leader?

    I want to see Hall continue his excellent performance and be one of the best defensive players in the NFL, but can he do it again?

    I think all this needs to be determined in training camp.

5. Brandon Banks

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    I think this is going to be a big training camp for Brandon Banks. He has shown that he can be a stellar kick returner, but I think that he thinks he can offer more than that to the team.

    Banks has the potential to be a legitimate, every-game deep threat for the Redskins, and I think he is going to try to step up and take that role Santana Moss usually filled.

4. Roy Helu Jr.

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    The Redskins roster is jam-packed with running backs, and at this point none of them really has a leg up.

    That’s why training camp is going to be so important for this group of young runners.

    Helu Jr. is going to be mainly competing against fellow rookie Evan Royster, and I think that the winner of that fight will end up getting some major minutes with the Redskins.

3. Evan Royster

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    I personally think that Evan Royster is going to have the upper hand in the running back battle, but it’s hard to know for sure.

    That is why he is going to have a lot to prove during training camp.

    He showed us he has some great potential, now he needs to show us it can transfer to the NFL level.

2. John Beck

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    Obviously this is going to be a big training camp for Beck, because at this moment we aren’t sure who is going to be the quarterback for the Redskins.

    Don’t forget Donovan McNabb is still on the roster, even though I don’t see that standing for long, and Rex Grossman is going to be fighting for the starter spot.

    Whichever quarterback comes up as the leader in training camp will be the starter come the beginning of the season, and I think Beck is just hankering for this opportunity.

1. Ryan Kerrigan

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    There will always be pressure on a team’s first-round pick and I think the story is no different here for Ryan Kerrigan.

    There might be even more pressure to step up though.

    Washington is in the midst of a lot of franchise turmoil, and things have been iffy, especially on the defensive end.

    Kerrigan has the opportunity to come in and be a leader on this defense right off the bat, and I think if he steps up he can be one of the best players on the team even in his rookie year.

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