NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Players Quietly on the Trading Block

Josh McCainSenior Writer IJune 7, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Players Quietly on the Trading Block

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    With the NFL lockout in full affect there is little trade speculation talk, with the exception of a couple of high profiled quarterbacks name Kevin Kolb, Donovan McNabb, and Carson Palmer.

    Other than those three there has been little talk of other possible trades.

    Also because of the lockout teams were not able to trade players for draft picks (which seems to be the majority of trades in the NFL these days) so a lot of players that may have been moved on draft day were not.

    Couple that with the plethora of free-agents this off-season and you have a relatively quiet trade speculation going on.

    Listed in this slide show are a few guys who may or may not be on the trading block, but in a normal NFL off-season would probably have a lot of speculation surrounding them.

Kyle Orton QB (Denver)

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    It would appear that Kyle Orton is out in Denver.

    Last season he was benched by then coach Josh McDaniels in favor of rookie Tim Tebow.

    Since McDaniels' firing hall of fame quarterback John Elway has been brought into the front office and former Carolina Panthers' coach John Fox has been hired as the new head man in Denver.

    Both men have showered praise on Tim Tebow but have said little about Orton.

    This would lead to speculation that Orton might just be on the trading block.

    Since the lockout is still going on Orton hasn't been officially placed on the trading block so what the Broncos would want for him is still up in the air.

    However, with the Eagles asking for a first round pick for Kevin Kolb who has fewer starts than Orton, I would imagine the asking price for Kyle would be a second round pick.

    This could lower the value of Kolb and up the interest for Orton.

    Bad news for the Eagles, good news for Denver.

Albert Haynesworth DT and Diva (Washington)

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    If you took a poll in our Nation's Capitol you would be hard pressed to find a Redskins' fan who would want to keep defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

    In spite of that the Redskins still haven't traded or cut the often troubled Haynesworth. 

    There were reports last season that the Titans wanted him back but the Redskins didn't pull the trigger.

    And thus far in this off-season there has been little talk from coach Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen that they would be interested in trading Haynesworth.

    With his recent off-the-field issues and lack of playing time last season it's hard to imagine that Haynesworth has a lot of value on the market, but if you're the Redskins you couldn't possible bring him back, could you?

    Needless to say getting something for Haynesworth, even if it's only a seventh round pick, would be better for the Skins than just releasing him.

    However, we'll have to wait for the lockout to end to see what the Redskins do with maybe their biggest free-agent signing blunder.

Steve Smith Wide-Receiver (Carolina)

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    Steve Smith's situation is a bit of an enigma.

    It would appear that he doesn't want to come back to Carolina and at first it appeared that the Panthers were just going to let him go.

    Now there are reports that they don't want to release him but keep him on the team.

    However, Smith seemed adamant at the end of the season that he wanted out, and has yet to participate in any of the player ran work-outs this off-season.

    So maybe the Panthers see some trade value for the franchise leading receiver.  It's hard to say, but even at his age Smith could be a quite effective slot-receiver for a team with a big outside threat.

    With wide-receiver being thin in the free-agency market the Panthers could be eying a early round pick for Smith.

    Time will tell what happens with the former All-Pro, but either way I don't think he'll be a Panther next season.

Vince Young QB (Tennessee)

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    Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams has already stated that they were moving on from the Vince Young era in Tennessee.

    It's expect that Young will be released by the Titans, but much like Steve Smith the Titans might keep him around and try to trade him.

    Like Kyle Orton the trade value for Young could be higher because of the asking price for Kevin Kolb.

    In spite of off-the-field issues Young is a winner on the field and if he can go to the right team that will help him with those immature issues he could be of real value.

    Tennessee might see that and might be thinking they could get a third or fourth round pick for their former round one draft pick.

    I think a Young trade is unlikely though.  With Adams saying that Young is done in Tennessee I think teams will either give them a low-ball offer or just way for the Titans to release their former starter.

Chad Ochocinco WR (Cincinnati)

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    It's hard to believe that anything involving Chad Ochocinco could be quiet, but with Carson Palmer demanding to be traded or released the circumstances surrounding Chad's irritation with the Bengals has sort of gone under the radar.

    However, Chad doesn't seem to like his coach and hasn't liked the way he's been used over the past couple of seasons.

    The once much talked about receiver for his on the field play has been relegated to his ridiculous adventures in soccer and bull-riding this off-season.

    Chad isn't happy though and the Bengals might already being looking at plan-B with the drafting of AJ Green with their first round pick, they might already be looking at life without Chad.

    In spite of little talk about it right now, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bengals weren't feeling out offers for their disgruntled wide-out.