NFL: Why the Lockout Could Actually Help Michael Vick

WesAnalyst IJune 6, 2011

Vick needs time to let the body recover.
Vick needs time to let the body recover.Al Bello/Getty Images

Imagine for a minute that there is no NFL lockout.

You'll probably begin thinking about training camp, fantasy football mock drafts and which free agents or rookies will have the biggest impact on your team in the coming season.

Ask Michael Vick about this improbable dream, and he, too, will think of training camp at Lehigh, about the unbearable heat and about the ways he would utilize any new pieces added to the team via free agency and the NFL Draft.

Further, I'm sure Vick would think about signing a new contract, not having Kevin Kolb on the team, and the peace of mind that comes with job security.

These factors alone should suffice to make Vick pray to the football gods for this labor dispute to end.

But one factor triumphs all else: health.

Without rest, Vick may not recover from what turned out to be an unexpectedly busy season. Don’t forget that Vick was the slated as the backup twice during the 2010-11 season.

It was a season in which Vick started only 11 games and still set career highs with 3,018 passing yards, 21 touchdown passes, a 100.2 passer rating, 62.6 percent completions and nine rushing touchdowns.  He also posted an obscenely low six interceptions.

On the down side, he was sacked 34 times and attempted 100 runs.

Those two numbers indicate the kind of beating Vick’s 215-pound frame took last year. They also shed some light as to why he didn’t start all 16 games, as well as explain his ineffectiveness against the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers at the end of the season.

A well-rested and healthy Michael Vick could bring about even better numbers and more starts next year, which would help the Eagles play even better in December and January.

And considering this is the first time since 2006 that Vick has entered an offseason after starting more than one game, it definitely seems like a good thing that he has ample time to recoup.

Philadelphia sports fans are constantly reminded of what a lack of rest can do to an athlete’s body. They have seen rapid declines in superstars Allen Iverson and Eric Lindros. They may be witnessing it presently with Chase Utley and Brad Lidge.

The last thing Philly fans want is to add Vick to the list.