Tim Tebow: Is the Denver Broncos Quarterback Ready for Primetime?

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Tim Tebow: Is the Denver Broncos Quarterback Ready for Primetime?
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Ever since Tim Tebow finished his last college football game, he has been barraged by countless questions.

Can you adapt under the center? What about your throwing motion? 

Once Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos traded back in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft to grab him, he was asked the questions again. He was one of the most-watched draft picks during the offseason workouts, training camp and the preseason. 

The stories and tales of his work ethic have been told time and time again and he carried that same work ethic with him to the NFL. 

When he was not given the starting job for the Broncos, it was expected, but it made Tim Tebow hungry. Tebow is not just another quarterback who was above average in college and planned on being average in the NFL. 

Tim Tebow had three starts last year. While being put in goal-line packages and certain formations as a decoy or runner, hardly did he ever throw the ball. 

As a starter, Tim Tebow was 1-2. He struggled, but the struggles he went through were that of every rookie quarterback. They are the same struggles Sam Bradford went through in St. Louis, and the same a certain quarterback by the name of John Elway went through in 1983. The reason for Tebow's struggles and mechanics were spotlighted more was because of his high-profile college career and amazing attitude towards life and football.

However, the difference is the things a normal quarterback cannot do and what Tim Tebow can do. He can make every fan get on their feet every time he takes a snap; he can elude even the best defenders and score a touchdown; he can throw the ball the length of the field.

Does he have accuracy issues? Yes. Can he fix that? Yes—his accuracy increased over his first two starts, but dipped in his last one.

The trio of John Elway, John Fox and Brian Xanders have their biggest task, aside from the Denver Bronco defense: making Tim Tebow a great quarterback. What could a Denver Broncos fan want more than to have the greatest Bronco in history to be in the back pocket of the franchise-hopeful quarterback?

John Fox made Jake Delhomme, a very average quarterback, into a Super Bowl-leading quarterback. 

Is he ready for primetime? Well, let's go back a year again: Was he ready to take a bad football team, come from behind in the fourth quarter down two scores, put the city and team on his back and run in for the game-winning touchdown?

For those who say he is not ready, how else can an irregular, non-prototype quarterback get better if he is not allowed to be the guy and trial by fire? Tebow thrives on pressure; he has had to deal with the media, fans and critics alike and done it all with class and mental fortitude. 

Now, Tebow can be ready, but it gets harder and harder for him to be ready when the NFL cannot get their act together and split $9 billion in revenue. In Denver, no one is hurting more because of the lockout than Tim Tebow. 

Will Tim Tebow be the starter for the Denver Broncos in 2011?

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He has stated that he has not taken a snap from shotgun all offseason while he has been working out together with a handful of his teammates. Though they are not organized and don't have trainers or coaches, Tebow understands what he needs to work on and has to focus on if he wants to be great.

Love him or hate him, it is tough to keep telling someone they cannot do it when they continue to work and prove the haters and skeptics wrong. The critics have said how he will not be a winning quarterback in the NFL. Well, he has one already and proved he knows how to win. 

Come September 12th, Monday night in Denver, I believe Tim Tebow will be the starter for the Denver Broncos, that we will not miss any games due to lockout and he will never be more motivated to play a football game in his life.

Will he be prepared as well as he could be? The answer is no, due to this absurd lockout. 

Will Tim Tebow be ready for primetime? Absolutely, 100 percent, yes.

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