Why The Colts and Many Other Teams Are Not Quite Done Yet

Drake EckCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

I know, I know. I have thought and hear about it ALL DAY LONG. The Colts are 3-3. Which isn't that bad of a record. The thing that really hurts the Colts though is that they are in the undefeated Titans Division. If they lost to the Titans they will be 4 1/2 games behind the Titans, which would force the Colts to win almost every single one of there remaining games. Which wouldn't be easy, but I wouldn't count the Colts out quite yet, they will only be behind the Titans 4 1/2 games ahead IF they lose on MNF to the Titans, which isn't guaranteed. Here are 5 reasons why the Colts aren't done just yet.

1.They have Peyton Manning
When you have Peyton Manning, and you 3-3, he will get you out of that hole. None of you can say that Peyton Manning is out of his prime. Just look up the stats against the Ravens, who happen to have the #1 Passing Defense in the League. He threw for 3 TDs and could have been 4 if there wouldn't have been a holding call.  And Pretty much single handedly beat the Texans and Vikings. Peyton knows the hole the Colts will be in if they lose to the Titans...but he isn't going to let that happen.

2.There 3-3
Like I said before...Peyton is not going to let 3-4 happen. But Peyton isn't the only one who is refusing to go 3-4. Marvin Harrison isn't gonna let it happen, Tony Dungy isn't gonna let it happen, the Whole Team isn't going to let it happen.

3.The Titans are 6-0
When you are undefeated, and you have a 3 game lead in your division, you have very little pressure on you. If you lost a game you still have a great record. The Titans don't have to win this game, the Colts do, and that is exactly why they will.

4.There are 10 games left.
I'm talking about how the Colts aren't done?? There are no teams in the NFL that are done quite yet. Any team can miss or make the playoffs. The Colts at best could finish 13-3, which would most likely guarantee them a playoff spot. So you really can not count out the Colts.

5.They play New England(without Brady), San Diego, Houston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Detroit
These are 6 gimme for the Colts. And they could win any of the other 4 games I did not mention. The Colts at worst will be 9-7. Which is a Playoff contending record.

People are NOT giving the Colts, and many more teams in the NFL, enough credit. Cmon people we are 6 games into the season. The first 6 games of the NFL season aren't going to tell you much. And if the Colts are so bad....why have they won 3 games?? We have 10 more games to go people. We know very little about the NFL thus far.