Kyle's Week One "What The...?" Awards

Kyle FlanaganCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

It seems as though every weekend I find myself going to bed on Sunday night with thoughts of  “What the…?” in my mind with regards to different sporting events I witnessed.

In response to my late-night thoughts, I would like to introduce the Weekly “What the…?” awards.


“What the freak happened in Tampa Bay?”

Wow. The Rays shocked the baseball world and dethroned the Kings of the American League. Tampa’s 3-1 victory over the Sox kept me thinking “what the…?” throughout the night.

The Rays grab the American League title after outscoring the Sox 43-28 in the seven-game series. Willy Aybar emerges as the unlikely hero, while Evan Longoria, B.J. Upton, and Rocco Baldelli leave no doubt as to why they deserve to be household names.

David Price arose as the man on the bump at the end of the game and, almost certainly, left those who watched Game Seven turning off their television sets with thoughts of “what the…?”


“What the BCS?”

BYU secured their spot outside of a BCS Bowl Game with a devastating 32-7 loss to TCU and the BCS picture got even more intriguing with the rise of Utah and Boise State. Schools within BCS conferences were shook up after another confusing weekend of college pigskin—don’t believe me? Check out Lisa Horne’s latest story on the BCS. I try not to think about the BCS while in bed, simply because I can’t sleep with all the “what the…?” questions I have concerning the issue.


“What the Joba?”

As if the Yankees needed any more reason to be upset that they aren’t playing October baseball, pitcher Joba Chamberlain finds himself in front of a Nebraska police photographer for a mug shot.

At least the hurler had the class to apologize for his “error in judgment.” I’m sure Joba had thoughts of “what the…?” running through his head as he was violated and searched for contraband.


“What the Jerry Jones’ Boys?”

Is there a doctor in the house? Doctor Jerry Jones, please report to the Emergency Room. Your team is falling apart and fading fast.

Brad “What the senior citizen?” Johnson gets the nod as the starter and the Cowboys offense feels it. However, Johnson had nothing to do with the Dallas defense that gave up 160 yards rushing and three touchdowns to the Rams’ Steven Jackson.

I’m sure that after only two receptions and 31 yards, T.O. was sulking on the bench thinking “what the…?”


“What the Brett the Jet?”

I’m sorry. I am a huge Brett Favre fan, but I just can’t excuse a loss to the Raiders. I don’t care how far you had to travel or what creepy owner is staring down at the field from the box seats. You don’t lose to the Raiders.

Favre ended the afternoon with 197 yards in the air and two interceptions—oh yeah, no touchdowns! “What the…?”  Even Jamarcus Russell, the Raiders quarterback who had 203 yards and one touchdown, was probably heard walking into the Raiders locker room saying “what the…?”


Please feel free to leave a comment with any “what the…?” moments you witnessed and thought I missed. I would love to hear them.

Check back every Monday for Kyle’s “What the…?” awards.