Donovan McNabb: Minnesota Vikings Rank Among 5 Most Likely Destinations

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMay 23, 2011

Donovan McNabb: Minnesota Vikings Rank Among 5 Most Likely Destinations

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    I honestly can't think of a single player in NFL history that has garnered as much attention — good or bad, deserving or not — as Donovan McNabb.

    Last Easter when he was traded to the Washington Redskins I honestly thought it was a match made in heaven.

    Much like when Mike Shanahan became the head coach in Denver at the tail end of John Elway's career and helped him get over the hump and win a Super Bowl I thought that Shanahan would be able to do the same for McNabb.

    This relationship though sweet at first began to resemble a Hollywood marriage.

    The honeymoon lasted (as far as we know) only four weeks as McNabb was benched in the final two-minutes against the Detroit Lions.

    Though he would remain the Redskins' starter for sometime after that, he was demoted to third string for the final three games of the season.

    It appears that McNabb's departure from Washington D.C. is imminent. Either through a trade or release, one has to wonder where he'll end up.

The Arizona Cardinals

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    McNabb's name had been linked to the Arizona Cardinals long before the Redskins had even inquired about trading for the All-Pro.

    With Kurt Warner retired and Matt Leinart released last season there is a huge void at the quarterback position for the Cards.

    Much like Warner did, McNabb brings a veteran presents to an offense that has some very good skilled position players.

    Larry Fitzgerald will return to Pro-Bowl form with McNabb under center and in the dismal NFC West, McNabb might be all the Cards need in order to win that division and get back to the play-offs.

    On a scale of 1-10 the likelihood of this happening is 9.5.

Minnesota Vikings

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    Like Arizona, the Minnesota Vikings have been a long-time destination spot for the aging veteran.

    And why not?  It's not like the Vikings have shied away from signing over-the-hill quarterbacks in hopes that they were just that one piece away from winning it all.

    The Vikings did draft Christian Ponder but he won't be ready to start on day one of the season, he might not even be ready to start by week 17.

    The Vikings will need someone to fill that void, and since they took a quarterback with there first pick in the draft chances are they don't have much faith in the quarterbacks currently on the roster.

    Make no mistake, the Vikings want to win now and if they don't have a veteran they trust on their roster when the season starts Ponder might be out there under center.

    I think signing a savvy vet is priority number one for the Vikings and I believe McNabb is high on their list.

    Likelihood of McNabb with the Vikings is a 9 out of 10.

Carolina Panthers

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    I hope he keeps the 00 numberNoel Vasquez/Getty Images

    It was no surprise that Carolina took Cam Newton with the first pick of the 2011 Draft.  Though Newton bounced around a few draft boards in January and February he was pretty much a solid lock at No. 1 by the end of March.

    And with that pick it's safe to say the the Jimmy Clausen era in Carolina is over.

    In spite of being the No. 1 overall pick, many experts believe that Newton isn't ready to start on opening day, if at all in the 2011 season.

    The Panthers will need a stop gap.

    With Clausen closing out the end of the 2010 season it's safe to say that the Panters do not have any faith in Matt Moore.

    And it would be absolutely foolish to start Jimmy Clausen.  Why, you ask. 

    Simple, if the Panthers start Clausen and he plays well if not great, then how do you justify benching him later in the season or next season in favor of Cam.

    And if Jimmy plays so well that he becomes the franchise quarterback you've wasted a No. 1 overall pick on Newton.

    In short the Panthers can't risk starting Clausen because of what could happen if Clausen actually plays well.

    The Panthers are all-in with Newton and need a viable aging quarterback so no matter how well or bad he plays the transition to Cam will be easy and smooth.

    Not to mention they need a good mentor to Cam since he comes into the league with preconceived "character issues."

    At the quarterback position there are few who have carried themselves with grace and civility when being ridiculed as Donovan McNabb has.

    There are people who continue to take shots at Cam and what better mentor for a QB under fire than McNabb.

    He'll not only be able to coach up the rookie for his on the field debut, but will be able to teach him how to deal with unwarranted ridicule.

    Likelihood of McNabb in Carolina 7 out of 10.

Tennessee Titans

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    With the release of quarterback Vince Young and the departure of head coach Jeff Fisher the Titans are a team influx and in need of a veteran leader.

    Some may say the Kerry Collins could be that leader, but in all honesty his play is not up to par with what it was a couple of seasons ago.

    Even though Collins had a bit of a renaissance in Tennessee he had gotten old, quickly, in the past season and a half.

    Jake Locker, once considered a can't miss number one overall pick of the 2010 draft, fell out of favor with many teams after an iffy 2010 senior season.

    He was quickly falling off draft boards and many thought he'd fall to the bottom half of the first round or even possibly to the second round.

    The Titans shocked the football world when they took him at number eight.

    And even though Collins is there to "coach-up" Locker the Titans are still going to need a viable on-field quarterback if they want to win games.

    Chris Johnson isn't getting any younger and running backs seem to have the wheels fall off even sooner in today's game.

    So if the Titans want to make a serious run this season having McNabb under center wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    In fact, if I were Bruce Allen I'd package a trade sending not only McNabb but throwing in Albert Haynesworth at no extra charge.  Think of it like one of those infomercial deals, they just have to pay for the additional shipping charge.

    Likelihood of McNabb landing in Tennessee 6.5 out of 10.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Bengals have two major problems right now.

    The first is they have a disgruntled quarterback who wants out and the second is they have an All-Pro wide-out who is riding bulls during the lock-out and may or may not want out of Cincinnati.

    Signing or trading for Donovan McNabb could solve both of those problems.

    McNabb definitely takes care of the QB problem in Cincy, given that he's just as good if not better than Carson Palmer.

    And having McNabb on board just might get Chad Ochocino to step in line, if only for a season.

    After all the Bengals did add another weapon on offense when they drafted A.J. Green.  It's hard to speculate whether they did this to replace Chad or if it was to bring in another play-maker to help free up Chad.

    It's really tough to tell if Carson Palmer is really done in Cincy or not, but I think trading or signing McNabb would be a better option than Jordan Palmer under center for 2011.

    Likelihood for McNabb taking his services to Ohio, 6 out of 10.

Bonus Team: The Oakland Raiders

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    The Raiders are a bonus team on this list for two reasons, first, because the names Jason Campbell and Brad Gradkowski do not strike fear in opposing teams.

    Secondly, you can't predict what Al Davis is going to do.

    If he's not happy with Campbell or Gradkowski he could very well want to trade for McNabb.

    Likelihood of McNabb landing in Oakland? I'd say "?" out of 10 because the Raiders don't really need him but Al Davis is the owner so there is a chance he ends up there.

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