Jose Reyes: 5 Reasons He's Perfect for the Giants, but It Won't Happen

Nadia MishkinContributor IIIMay 23, 2011

Jose Reyes: 5 Reasons He's Perfect for the Giants, but It Won't Happen

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    Jose Reyes
    Jose ReyesJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Jose Reyes is certainly the talk of trades, what with the New York Mets' recent financial situation and the San Francisco Giants in need of another shortstop.

    However, the Mets will certainly not let their superstar go without getting something very valuable in return, and you can bet that it's tempting for Giants GM Brian Sabean. 

    There are at least five reasons why Jose Reyes is the perfect piece to the San Francisco Giants puzzle, but they still won't trade for him. 

He's Too Good

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    Jose Reyes
    Jose ReyesMike Stobe/Getty Images

    The Giants have a very special team chemistry in their clubhouse, one that favors misfits, castoffs and bullpen beards.

    Also, besides Tim Lincecum, there are no superstars leading this team to success. And Timmy isn't a superstar. He's just a Freak.

    Brian Sabean built his team around one superstar for over a decade. In the Barry Bonds era, the Giants did not win a single World Series. You can bet that Sabean knows better than to go this route again. 

He's Exactly What They Need

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    Jose Reyes
    Jose ReyesAl Bello/Getty Images

    Jose Reyes is a three-time All-Star, and is valuable both offensively and defensively. The Giants need a player who has the speed and range to cover the middle infield positions as well as Reyes does.

    He also would make a huge impact on the Giants offense with his power and speed. He is hitting .318 and already has 17 stolen bases in 2011.

    It's easy to say that Jose Reyes is the perfect addition to the 2011 Giants. 

Long-Term Consequences

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    Zack Wheeler, Giants top pitching prospect
    Zack Wheeler, Giants top pitching prospectStephen Dunn/Getty Images

    It is likely that Reyes will be leaving New York due to the Mets financial issues.

    If the Giants trade for Reyes, they would have to accommodate his $11 million salary. They could rent the star position player for the rest of the season for just under $4 million if he is acquired on the trade deadline at the end of July.

    It is likely they would have to give up a star prospect or one of their talented young pitchers in the trade. Basically, trading for Reyes during the 2011 season almost guarantees a successful postseason. However, the expense is the future of the San Francisco Giants pitching. With the prospects they have and the young pitching in San Francisco that already dominates the league, this team could be successful throughout the decade. If the Giants go for Reyes, they will have to give up young pitching. One target may be the Giants top minor-league pitching prospect Zack Wheeler. 

    It would take a hefty multiyear offer to sign Reyes because he becomes a free agent at the end of the season. 

Tim Lincecum

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    Tim Lincecum showing off his World Series ring
    Tim Lincecum showing off his World Series ringPool/Getty Images

    His contract is up after the 2011 season, and he is pitching better than ever.

    Sure, the Giants heightened their payroll in 2010, but they still won’t be able to afford any extra investments if they are to keep their prized possessions intact.

    Lincecum will be awarded a superstar contract, not Reyes. 

Matt Cain and Brian Wilson

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    Giants Superstars: Brian Wilson, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. (from left to right)
    Giants Superstars: Brian Wilson, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. (from left to right)Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Both will be free agents in 2012, and will also seek long-term contracts. Both have established themselves as top pitchers in the game. They have earned their stay in San Francisco. Brian Wilson just might be the overall best closer in the game today. 

    Brian Sabean and the Giants would be wise to save up their money and make sure that they hold on to these guys. An expensive contract with Jose Reyes very well could disable the Giants from doing so.