NFL Lockout: 6 Ways to Show the NFL and the Players Our Disapproval

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NFL Lockout: 6 Ways to Show the NFL and the Players Our Disapproval

NFL fans everywhere, including myself, are currently disgusted with what is going on between the NFL and and the players.  Whether you are on the side of the league, the players, or neither one thing is certain: fans want a 2011 season and want football back now.

Fans are what make the NFL!  Without the fans there would be no fat paychecks for the owners or the players to cash in on.  So if we the fans are making them rich, then why are we getting cheated when they can't decide how to spend OUR money?

Obviously, we are addicted to football and the NFL and players know this.  If they thought there was any legitimate chance of a sizable NFL boycott, a CBA would have been in place months ago.

While I highly doubt there is a chance of an NFL boycott, I have taken note on some creative ways to show the NFL and players just how much we disapprove of the lockout after reading several articles and blogs. If you want to make a point to the NFL and players, the best way to get their attention is to hit them where it hurts most, the wallet.

Some of these ideas seem doable and some seem far fetched, but without further delay, here are six ways to show your disapproval.

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