San Francisco Giants: Could This Be the End of Mark DeRosa's Career?

Manny RandhawaCorrespondent IIIMay 19, 2011

Mark DeRosa reacts in pain as he re-injures his wrist Wednesday night
Mark DeRosa reacts in pain as he re-injures his wrist Wednesday nightStephen Dunn/Getty Images

The count was 1-2, with nobody out and the bases loaded in the fourth inning of Wednesday night's contest between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Mark DeRosa, the Giants' third baseman, who had been struggling badly at the plate since coming off the disabled list (0-for-18), was looking to finally come through in the clutch for San Francisco—a position he hasn't been in much since signing with the Giants in the 2009 offseason due to recurring injuries.

As Dodgers southpaw Clayton Kershaw released his next pitch and DeRosa cocked his bat in preparation, extreme pain shot through his left wrist, causing him to spin out of the batter's box in anguish.

Mark DeRosa's injury problems continue to haunt him.

According to Bruce Bochy after the game, his utility man will be "out for a while."

This is bad news for the Giants, who are hurting for offensive production during the absence of starting third baseman Pablo Sandoval.

But it could be even worse news for DeRosa.

That's because this could be the injury that becomes the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, with the camel being Mark DeRosa's career.

Since joining the Giants in 2010, DeRosa has played in a total of 44 games for San Francisco—not exactly what Brian Sabean and the gang expected when they signed DeRosa to a two-year, $12 million contract.

DeRosa is now 36 years old. He has played in 13 major-league seasons with five different teams. He has only played in more than 100 games in a season six times in those 13 seasons.

The injury-prone utility man can only continue to stay at the big-league level so long if he cannot stay healthy. DeRosa is a free agent after this season and it's difficult to imagine any team willing to take a chance on a 37-year-old, injury-prone veteran who hasn't played a full season since 2009.

It's a shame that the Giants never had the chance to see what a healthy Mark DeRosa could do for their ball club. DeRosa had to watch from the bench as San Francisco won the World Series in 2010, and Wednesday night's injury must be the most frustrating one yet for No. 7.

While we all hope that DeRosa can return and stay healthy for the rest of the season, producing for the Giants as they hoped he would when they signed him, the odds are that we won't be seeing Mark DeRosa on the field at AT&T Park—or any major-league ballpark—after this season.