2011 NFL Free Agency: Where Will Randy Moss Land?

Rob SirplessContributor IMay 15, 2011

Randy Moss, Free Agent
Randy Moss, Free AgentJim McIsaac/Getty Images

Randy Moss, the super freak, is the single season record holder in touchdown receptions and one of the most feared wideouts in NFL lore.

The CBA is unsettled and thus Moss is unable to land a job on an NFL team right now. But I would wager that even if it was open he would still be available, and once it does open he may have a hard time getting a team to take a chance.

Why is this? There are three elements.

First, whatever team takes a chance on Moss needs to have a head coach who is in control of the locker room.

We witnessed Brad Childress, former coach of the Minnesota Vikings, fumble about and eventually jettison Moss in an attempt to keep Moss from walking all over him. This actually happened quite often during his years in Minnesota.

Second, he needs an offensive plan that keeps him heavily involved and makes him feel respected.

His years in New England were his most controlled. But when Bill Belichick adjusted his offense to a two tight end set last year the old Moss came out of hiding and became a problem for the whole team. With the Patriots relying on him less he made himself stand out with his mouth.

And thirdly, the team that takes him must have a quarterback capable of making the throws to him.

In Oakland we saw him give up on that team because he couldn't get the ball.

So what team has all three of these elements in place? A strong coach, an offense that can revolve around him and a quarterback that will give Moss a chance to catch the ball?

A few teams that jump out are New Orleans, St. Louis and Chicago.

These are the teams I will be paying attention to if I hear a meeting is scheduled once free agency opens. But will they take a chance on Moss? Yes. Here's why.

New Orleans just watched their biggest rival, Atlanta, add Julio Jones through the draft. Some of their own offensive weapons are planning to leave or already have left. They would be in the market for Moss and Drew Brees would be a steady influence to have him play around.

St. Louis and Chicago share the need for a receiving threat.

They would be interested at the right price. For them it isn't exactly, one piece away from the Super Bowl, so it is debatable if they would be interested. They do have the right elements in place, though I can't imagine how well cry baby Jay Cutler and Moss would do together.

Other teams to keep an eye on are Minnesota, San Diego, New York (Jets and Giants) and Kansas City.

Unfortunately I can't give you better insight because players and teams can't talk right now; that makes it hard to dish viable gossip. But it is safe to say that one of the teams mentioned are discussing Moss for when free agency is upon us. Who is the most serious?