NFL Free Agency: Terrell Owens and the 6 Free Agents with the Worst Attitudes

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIMay 13, 2011

NFL Free Agency: Terrell Owens and the 6 Free Agents with the Worst Attitudes

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    Free agency is a time for teams to add a few talented veterans in the hopes that their new additions will positively contribute to the team and the city.

    With diva wideouts, prima-donna cornerbacks and other egotistical players, character concerns add a new wrinkle to evaluating available free agents.

    Some players will get a contract, shut their mouths and perform; others though, like Terrell Owens, will be a distraction and a problem for teams.

    Here are the six free agents with the worst attitudes.

CB Antonio Cromartie, New York Jets

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    Antonio Cromartie kicks off our list for a host of reasons; many of which frighten teams far away from him.

    For starters, the cornerback has nine children with eight women—visible commitment issues.

    Also, Cromartie can be a headache with his tendency to say exactly what he feels to the media, no matter how vulgar or obscene it is.

    The Jet had some remarks about Tom Brady during the week of the Jets-Patriots playoff game, and though he made good on his comments with a stellar showing in the game, most teams don't want the headache.

WR Randy Moss, Tennessee Titans

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    It may be Randy Moss, not Terrell Owens, who is the poster boy for the character concerns in this year's free agent class.

    Moss spent time with three teams in 2010—the Patriots, Vikings and the Titans—ultimately due to his bad attitude.

    When he made remarks about the Patriots in a postgame press conference, coach Bill Belichick and his crew wisely dumped the wide receiver on Minnesota.

    When the Vikings couldn't deal with him, Moss became a Tennessee Titan, and the team has stated he will not be a returning part of the team in 2011.

WR Terrell Owens, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Terrell Owens only serves to further perpetuate the stereotype of the ego-driven NFL wide receiver.

    He made a fool of himself this year when—despite putting up good numbers—his team plummeted to 4-12, while he and fellow receiver Chad Ochocinco made the T.Ocho Show.

    The pass-catcher is not putting up the numbers anymore that would entice teams to deal with him, and after being on two losing teams in two years, GMs have to be questioning Owens' competitiveness.

    Despite the fact there was not much drama with T.O. this past year, he remains a player who, with other viable options on the market, may not be worth dealing with.

QB Vince Young, Tennessee Titans

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    Despite the fact that he's not an impending free agent, Vince Young finds his way on this list because the Titans have said they will cut their former first-round draft pick when the NFL reopens.

    Young's immature behavior ran him and his coach out of Tennessee, and not many teams want to take that risk.

    Undoubtedly talented, the Texas product has been babied by coaches and ownership for a long time, and it's tough to surmise whether or not he can grow up and lead an NFL team.

    With serious character issues, the relatively young signal-caller has some work to do before he is a Super Bowl quarterback.

WR Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers

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    Vincent Jackson is not as much of a character concern as he is a headache—the receiver basically refused to play for much of the season because he wasn't getting the contract he felt he deserved.

    To their credit, the Chargers played ball with Jackson and held firm thanks to GM A.J. Smith, but the team fell to a disappointing 9-7 and missed the playoffs.

    Even when he returned, Jackson was out of football shape and injured his calf almost immediately.

    Add to his trivial contract endeavors the fact that he was caught driving under the influence, and Jackson adds up to a distraction teams may not want to deal with.

WR Braylon Edwards, New York Jets

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    It's interesting to look at the trend of character issues, and see there are two Jets and two Titans on the list; it goes to show that getting guys with talent and character concerns is a two-way street.

    On one hand, the Titans are in the throes of a major rebuild because Vince Young and Randy Moss tore the team apart.

    On the other hand, the Jets are perennial Super Bowl contenders, and Braylon Edwards (along with Antonio Cromartie) was a big reason why the team got so far last season.

    Edwards had a few indiscretions last year, one being a drunken-driving incident, but is talented enough to command some money in free agency, should he hit the open market.