MLB Trade Ideas: Jose Reyes and 5 Bats the San Francisco Giants Should Target

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IMay 9, 2011

MLB Trade Ideas: Jose Reyes and 5 Bats the San Francisco Giants Should Target

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    The San Francisco Giants are now only one game behind the NL West leading Colorado Rockies after sweeping them this past weekend.

    The Giants pitching staff has been very consistent over the past few weeks and is proving again that they are one of the top rotations in baseball. Offensively, San Francisco has struggled from time to time as they seem to do every year.

    It could be the fact that the Giants are missing Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria, but whatever the reason, it's clear the Giants need another bat in this lineup.

    The MLB trade deadline is still a long way away, but it's never too early to start thinking about possible acquisitions.

No. 5. 2B/SS Jack Wilson

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    Jack Wilson would be a really interesting acquisition for the Giants because he would be able to play alongside Freddy Sanchez again after the two teamed up in Pittsburgh a while back.

    It wouldn't take much to get Wilson to come to San Francisco, and another veteran presence in the lineup could be a good thing.

    The haters out there will say there is no point to bringing in Wilson because of his lack of production in Seattle and the fact that Mike Fontenot seems to be on top of his game.

    Even if the Giants don't use Wilson as an everyday starter, it still might be useful to have him in the dugout.

No. 4. 1B Prince Fielder

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    The need for a first baseman significantly decreased after Brandon Belt showed a lot of promise in his few weeks in the majors.

    Still, Aubrey Huff has been ice cold so far, and the Giants really need production at that position. If Huff continues to struggle, San Francisco may have to look elsewhere.

    Prince Fielder has been on the Giants radar for a few years, but the two teams have failed to engage in serious talks. San Francisco has a ton of expendable talent in their farm system, so now would be a great time to pull off the trade.

    It's definitely and unlikely scenario, but it would obviously give the Giants a legitimate offense.

No. 3. 2B/SS/3B Mike Aviles

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    Mike Aviles is a quality utility infielder from Kansas City, who has been flying under the radar for the past few years.

    Aviles has five homers, 25 RBI and eight stolen bases this season, which is definitely worth the minimal amount of talent the Giants would have to give up to get him.

    Not only would Aviles be able to split time at shortstop, but he could also backup Pablo Sandoval and Freddy Sanchez.

No. 2. 3B/SS Michael Young

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    Michael Young has been tearing it up for the Texas Rangers at third base this season, hitting .348 with 26 RBI.

    If the Giants want to bring him in, it would be at shortstop so that Pablo Sandoval could keep his everyday spot in the lineup.

    There are multiple issues that the Giants would have to get through before Young could come to San Francisco. With Josh Hamilton on the DL, the Rangers might not be willing to let Young go because they need his production now more then ever.

    San Francisco would probably also have to be willing to pay Young $13 million over the next two years, which is quite a large sum.

No. 1. SS Jose Reyes

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    For the past week, there has been a ton of rumors surrounding the Giants possibly trading for New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

    Miguel Tejada has been ineffective to say the least, and replacing him with an All-Star-caliber player like Reyes would be tremendous.

    The only problem here is weighing the fact that the Giants may not be able to sign him long term, and renting him for one season wouldn't be worth it.

    If the price isn't too unreasonable and San Francisco feels like they'll be able to keep Reyes for more then one season, then by all means, they should take the risk.