2012 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Has Cleveland Browns Taking Luck First Overall

Sam TothContributor IIIMay 5, 2011

Colt McCoy! Andrew Luck! A moot point!
Colt McCoy! Andrew Luck! A moot point!

First of all, let's be clear about one thing: We are talking about a 2012 Mock Draft constructed less than a week after the 2011 NFL Draft. This should not matter.

Regardless, it sparked a controversy today on The Really Big Show between Tony Rizzo and Chris Fedor.

Rizzo was taking it personally that the Browns were picking first overall in Todd McShay's latest mock draft, while Fedor was acting like a kid on Christmas morning for having the chance to get the Stanford quarterback.

(And while we are on the subject, let's be clear about a second thing: Chris Fedor is a jackass, as are 99 percent of any other Kobe Bryant fans in Northeast Ohio that have never lived in Southern California.)

The host and co-host argued and danced around the topic without ever addressing—or even finding —the point at issue.

So let's try to break this down:

IF —and I cannot stress the word "if" more than capitalizing/bolding/italicizing it—the Browns select No.1 overall next year, that means all of the following:

  • The Browns stunk.
  • The 2011 NFL draft class stunk.
  • The 2010 NFL draft class regressed and turned out to stink.
  • Colt McCoy stunk.

All of which, for Browns fans, would make Pepe Le Pew smell like a dozen roses fit for Mother's Day.

That is where Fedor was wrong in thinking that this would be the best possible thing to happen for the organization. Obviously, the best thing to happen for the Browns would be to improve on their record from last year, have all of the draft picks pan out, watch Colt McCoy take a Brees-esque leap and be in a position to use our two 2012 first-round picks to help build a contender. Getting Luck would mean the Browns' development in all those areas failed more miserably than a Vince Young Wonderlich.

But IF all those things were to happen, this year would be the year to do it because Andrew Luck will be the best consolation prize for the NFL's worst team since Peyton Manning.

IF the Browns finish, say, 1-15 to secure the top pick, that means Colt McCoy will be 3-21 as an NFL starter. McCoy deserves his chance to prove himself this year...he would not be so lucky to get another year. And that is where Tony Rizzo was wrong, making it sound as if he would still stick with McCoy. Andrew Luck WILL be the pick if we end up with the first overall selection (unless, of course, the Falcons end up with the worst record, which would open a whole new can of worms).

BUT I believe it is all a moot point because the Browns will not be picking first overall next year. And if you are like Rizzo and want to channel your anger at someone who believed Cleveland will be the worst team next year, direct such disregard at Matt Williamson. Todd McShay simply used the reverse order of Williamson's post-draft power rankings.

And given the hypothetical situation Williamson painted, McShay absolutely made the right call.


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