San Francisco Giants Talk Jose Reyes Trade, Mets GM Says Eventual Move Possible

Manny Randhawa@@MannyBal9Correspondent IIIMay 4, 2011

Jose Reyes was on base six times against the Giants Tuesday night
Jose Reyes was on base six times against the Giants Tuesday nightAl Bello/Getty Images

New York Mets' General Manager Sandy Alderson spoke to KNBR this morning and hinted that if the Mets are out of contention in "a couple of months," he may consider dealing Jose Reyes. He did not go into detail about what type of offer it would take for him to make such a trade, but reiterated what he said in spring training—that nobody on the Mets is "untouchable," whether they have a no-trade clause in their contract or not.

There has been ever-intensifying speculation in the media and the San Francisco Giants fan base during the first month of the season that the Giants might try and make a move for Reyes. With the extremely poor play of free agent acquisition Miguel Tejada and injuries to Pablo Sandoval and Mark DeRosa, the Giants have suffered blows to their offensive capacity in recent weeks and have been struggling to score runs.

The speculation, however, became more than just talk Tuesday, as a report by Michael Urban of surfaced, quoting a "major league source" that the Giants are now having "internal discussions" about acquiring Reyes. Given that the team is in New York playing a three-game set with the Mets, discussions may indeed be expanding.

The major league source also told that the Mets will not likely demand one of the Giants' starting pitchers in return for Reyes, making a trade with New York more likely than a trade with most other clubs who wanted one of the Giants' arms in exchange for a big bat.

One big reason why the Mets may be more amenable to a trade is that they are suffering significant financial problems due to ownership ties to Bernard Madoff and his infamous Ponzi scheme.  According to Urban's report, they'd rather invest in young prospects instead of established players who could command big free agent money in upcoming years.

With Alderson implying that everyone is on the table if the Mets are out of contention down the road, and the club currently in last place in the NL East, 7.5 games behind the Phillies, it appears likely that Reyes will be available if the right offer is made.


Are the Talks Serious?

According to San Jose Mercury News Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly, however, "the Giants are not talking seriously to the Mets about a trade" ... explaining that the discussions have been limited to "if the time comes, keep us in the loop" types of communication.


Reyes Could Help, But He'd Be Costly

Though there are many advantages to acquiring Jose Reyes, who is hitting .325 with 11 steals, Reyes also comes with a big risk—he will be a free agent after this season, and will likely command a very high price in the offseason. According to Urban's report, Reyes will likely want a contract worth upwards of $140 million.

If the Giants make a move, they will essentially be putting all their eggs in one basket, hoping Reyes will help fuel a second consecutive World Championship before his probable departure after the season ends.