NFL Draft 2011: Predicting the Second Round for the 49ers in the NFL Draft

Michael TierneyAnalyst IApril 29, 2011

JACKSONVILLE, FL - JANUARY 01:  Danny Amendola #20 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders is tackled by  Ras-I Dowling #19 of the Virginia Cavaliers during the Gator Bowl at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on January 1, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Here is how the Second Round may evolve:

Round 2 Pick 1: New England - Fills their 34 DE need with Da'Quan Bowers

Round 2 Pick 2: Buffalo - Mallett vs. Sherrod decision? OT needs filled with Derek Sherrod

Round 2 Pick 3: Cincinnati - Ryan Mallett is selected to solve the Bengals QB puzzle

Round 2 Pick 4: Denver - Broncos fill their safety need with  Aaron Williams

Round 2 Pick 5: Cleveland - Randall Cobb fills the WR needs for the Browns

Round 2 Pick 6: Arizona - Cardinals quickly grab Andy Dalton for their QB need

Round 2 Pick 7: Tennessee - 43 DE Justin Houston is a steal here for the Titans

Round 2 Pick 8: Dallas - CB Brandon Harris is a good choice here for the Cowboys

Round 2 Pick 9: Washington - QB Colin Kaepernick is taken here just a bit too early

Round 2 Pick 10: Houston - 34 OLB Akeem Ayers fills a big need

Round 2 Pick 11: Minnesota - OT Orlando Franklin is the Vikings' second reach

Round 2 Pick 12: Detroit - RB Ryan Williams is a solid pick here

Round 2 Pick 13: San Francisco 49ers: Who will they pick here?

CB Ras-I Dowling versus DE/DT Ballard?

Or will they choose safety Rahim Moore? How about 34 OLB in Brooks Reed?

34 DE Aldon Smith serves the pass-rush need somewhat, so do you take a 34 OLB?

If Detroit did not grab Dowling...he makes a great choice for the 49ers.

CB Ras-I Dowling was the number one cornerback before Patrick Peterson came into vogue. Ras-I Dowling was injured for most of the season and that is why Peterson became the fair-haired child. Dowling has recovered from his injuries and is underrated. Some feel he can play safety as well.

The choice will be: CB Ras-I Dowling, but 49ers fans will like this choice about as much as they liked DE Aldon Smith. But both are solid A- picks.