Jay Cutler Engaged: 4 Characteristics the Chicago Bears Hope He Develops

Jim MancariCorrespondent IApril 27, 2011

Jay Cutler Engaged: 4 Characteristics the Chicago Bears Hope He Develops

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    Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, is back in the headlines for his engagement to reality television star, Kristin Cavallari.

    The couple had been dating for eight months before Cutler popped the question.

    Following his much talked about exit from the NFC Championship game, Cutler will attempt to improve his image over the next few months before the season begins.

    Marriage is a big step for any young man, but especially for a professional athlete who spends as much time at home as on the road.

    Cutler’s engagement shows that he is ready to develop the qualities of a family man and possibly translate that into his performance on the field.

    Here are four characteristics the Bears hope Cutler will gain through his engagement.

4. Family Aspect

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    Marriage promotes a family aspect that Jay Cutler will gain.

    Football is a sport where the players treat each other like family. They are in the trenches together each Sunday and during a long week of practice.

    The players try their best not to let each other down, just like a family would do.

    Though Cutler may have some work to do in this department, his engagement shows that he is willing to learn.

3. Spontaneity

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    Jay Cutler showed a little spontaneity with his recent proposal.

    He and Kristin Cavallari flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for the weekend so he could pop the question in an exotic location. He also gave Cavallari a 5.2 carat ring—not too shabby.

    Maybe Cutler can display this spontaneity on the field.

    Rather than settle for throwing into double and triple coverage for an interception like he often does, Cutler can use his check-down options or even tuck the ball and run. He’s become so predictable that cornerbacks and safeties get too good of reads on him.

    His interceptions would decrease, which would increase his efficiency as a passer.

2. Partnership

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    Partnership is a vital quality to any marriage.

    Not only does Jay Cutler hope to develop a partnership with Kristin Cavallari, but he also hopes to continue his evolving partnership with Bears offensive coordinator, Mike Martz.

    Martz is an offensive guru who helped lead Cutler to the first winning season of his career.

    However, Martz turned down a contract extension with the Bears because it did not include a raise.

    Though economic conditions in the NFL are still in turmoil due to the lockout, the Bears should try to appease Martz since he worked so well with Cutler.

1. Committment

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    It still seems like we don’t know the whole story regarding Jay Cutler’s exit from the NFC Championship game early in the second half.

    He must have really thought that Todd Collins or Caleb Hanie would have given the Bears a better shot at winning in lieu of his knee injury.

    Though fans and analysts offered their opinions, it comes down to if Cutler has enough of a commitment to his team. It’s hard to believe that an NFL quarterback would desert his team in the league championship game without suffering a serious injury.

    His marriage should give him a lesson about total commitment, which he can hopefully incorporate into his game.