Vonta Leach, Houston Texans to Part Ways?

Rick BrokawCorrespondent IApril 22, 2011

Could Houston Texans' FB Vonta Leach be lost to free agency?
Could Houston Texans' FB Vonta Leach be lost to free agency?Bob Levey/Getty Images

For a team that has struggled to gain an ounce of real respect in the NFL, the latest news from the Houston Texans' locker room suggests a huge step backwards. Fullback Vonta Leach, the machine who opened gaping holes for the NFL rush leader Arian Foster, has confirmed that the team has no plans to bring him back next year. According to his twitter account, @vleach44, the Houston Texans front office "wants to go in a different [direction]" in 2011. Leach also stated, "I played in the league long enough to know when writing is on the wall if I played my last game as a Texan I enjoyed my 5 years".

In a league where respect is earned through yards, points, and essentially wins, this moves seems counterproductive for the ailing Houston Texans. The team started off strong in 2010, reigning in the Indianapolis Colts 34-24 and then scalping the Washington Redskins 30-27 in dramatic overtime fashion. However, the two games were not indicative of the remaining 2010 season for the Texans who finished with a measly 6 wins and 10 losses. Perhaps the greatest outcome of the season was the shining star known as Arian Foster.

Foster, the Texans' running back, racked up 1,616 yards on the ground with 16 touchdowns to complement those rushing yards. It was Vonta Leach, however, who opened up rushing lanes and acted as a down-field blocker for the 2010 rushing leader.  It was Vonta Leach who was elected to the Pro Bowl, and it is Vonta Leach who wants to be paid equivalent to his accomplishments within the league. Bob McNair, and the Houston Texans, who happen to be the fifth richest team in the league, need to realize something that many of his fans already know...if you want to be the best, you have to pay for it!

It is time for Houston to climb out from the shadows of the Dallas Cowboys, time for them to make a serious run for the playoffs. Letting go of Vonta Leach is not the way you ensure a solid running game, which accounts for your double threat of both a solid ground-and-air game. Granted, with spread offenses the league is seeing a decided decrease in the fullback position, but why ruin a good thing?