Messin' with B.

George HerronContributor IOctober 6, 2008
  1. I wanted to support a team that WANTS to win. They want to win from Theo Epstein, their general manager, all the way to the cleaning crew, most of which I am sure don't even speak English, but they know if the Sox win they get a nice little bonus.
  2. Have I always been a Red Sox fan? No, but I became one, and not because they suddenly got good. I have ALWAYS hated the Yankees. HATE. I hate them so much that I wore all the same Red Sox gear to a Yankees game in the Bronx. I did have to take it off around the 5th inning because drunkards were threatening my life and I felt that they meant what they were saying. And when I saw how much the Red Sox hated the Yankees it made me start to like them more an more.
  3. Then I went to Fenway and watched a game. It was like a religious experience, or your first orgasm, nothing can really put into words the pure joy and ecstasy of watching a game at this place. It is like a devote Catholic meeting the Pope, or a Jew getting to nail Jesus to the cross, or my dog finally catching his tail. It is Mecca for baseball fans.
  4. Bill Simmons is rubbing off on me. I first discovered him reading page 2 on and loved the way he wrote. He is a big Boston honk, since he is from there and being that I try to read everything he puts out he has slightly influenced me.
  1. Tony Romo wants his relationship with Jessica Simpson to be over. Follow me on this one, Tony doesn't want to be the bad guy and have to dump her, so he tanks the first half and only throws to T.O. once in order to get T.O. fired up and call him gay for not throwing him the ball. After last week and now the first half of this week you know that T.O. is just waiting to Tony's shower adventures with Jason Witten. Once that leaks out of course Jessica will dump him and he and Jason can live happily ever after. Just a theory.
  2. Jerry Jones bet the all the new stadium money on the Bengals this week and took the points.
  3. Wade Phillips is not a good coach, not a guess just a fact.

  1. Bengals receivers do not block. Hell they barely manage to get in the way.
  2. Marvin again does not disappoint, he uses a timeout with 2:06 left on the clock. Really you cant wait 6 seconds to call a play that won't work anyway? What the hell was the point of that timeout? You wait 6 seconds and you get the two minute warning anyway, Christ!
  3. Patrick Crayton cannot catch a ball thrown right to him, but he can catch a tipped pass in the end zone for a touch down to seal the game for Dallas, well done good sir.
  4. The Dallas offense overall. I wanted 70+, a-holes.
  5. Why was there no fight? Why was Chris Henry not on the field more? I think that it was some sort of conspiracy, I wanted fireworks and instead got Chris Henry on the field for like five plays. Sad, just sad.
  1. Marvin Lewis. For debacling the play clock again and for keeping this team on track and focused on 0-16.
  2. Jesy. For winning the Chili cook off.
  3. Kevin and Kat. For winning the corn-hole tournament.
  4. Keith Rivers. The only player besides Ndukwe that is playing with purpose.
  5. Brian. For "finding" his wings.
  6. George Sr. He brought Lemon Torte and I was eating it out of the pan by the end of the game literally.