NFL Uniforms: Power Ranking All NFL Teams Helmet Logos

Joey HnathCorrespondent IApril 13, 2011

NFL Uniforms: Power Ranking All NFL Teams Helmet Logos

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    NFL teams helmets are their most distinctive feature.  Having a logo that fans of all ages love is crucial.

    The helmet logo drives merchandise sales as well.  Most of the hats and shirts a team sells have either the team’s logo or helmet slapped on them.

    Some helmets are great and will never be changed.  Others are abysmal and should be changed immediately.

    Here is how all of the NFL teams helmets rank.

The Worst

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    32. Cleveland Browns

    There is no doubt, the Browns have the worst helmet in the NFL

    Guy 1: “Man, that girl was a real Cleveland Brown.”

    Guy 2: “A Cleveland Brown?”

    Guy 1: “Yeah, a Cleveland Brown.  You know, good jersey, bad helmet.”


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    These next set of helmets have been around for a while, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily good.

    Some may call them classic, but I say a change is needed.

31. Arizona Cardinals

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    Their logo is an angry-looking bird on a white helmet.  Also, it is associated with futility.

    The Cardinals need to change their image.  Draft a franchise quarterback and change your logo.  A black helmet would look cool as well.

30. Washington Redskins

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    The Redskins' helmet is the profile of a Native American.  Also, it has an unnecessary amount of feathers on it.

    Under Steve Spurrier, they had another helmet, but it looked too much like Florida State's.

    Still, the organization was on the right track.  Take the picture off and put something new on.

29. Oakland Raiders

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    The Raiders could do a lot more with their helmet.

    They need to embrace the atmosphere of the Black Hole and make their helmet more fierce and scary.

    The helmet definitely needs to be black.

    If they wanted to be really scary, they'd put a picture of Al Davis on it.  Gives me chills just thinking about it.

28. Buffalo Bills

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    The Bills recently added a dark blue stripe down the middle of their helmet, trying to make it look sleeker.

    It partially worked, but it wasn't enough.

    Either they need to revamp the entire thing, or go back to the old-school helmet.

Change It Again

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    This list is made up of those helmets that have been changed, yet need to be changed once again, either by coming up with something brand new or going back to an old design.

27. New York Jets

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    The Jets don't have a single reference to an actual jet on their logo.  This needs to change.

    Don't necessarily go back to the old logos, which weren't that great either, but somehow implement your team name into the logo.

26. New England Patriots

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    After the Patriots' recent success, their logo has almost become iconic.  Almost.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm partial to their old helmet.  Now that's what you call American.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Granted, it's a great improvement from their previous helmet, but the Bucs helmet still isn't what it could be.

    They're another one of those nasty teams, so more black should be incorporated into their color scheme.

24. Seattle Seahawks

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    They recently changed their helmet color from grey to blue, and they also made the seahawk look angrier.  Both were great improvements.

    I really have no suggestions for the Seahawks except for implementing more of the neon green in their color scheme, much like the Seattle Sounders of the MLS have done.

    That way, once the NFL allows sponsors on the jerseys, the Seahawks can have an Xbox logo slapped on there easier.

23. New York Giants

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    Instead of having "Giants" on their helmet, they switched to simply "NY."

    The only team that can get away with "NY" as their logo is the Yankees.  Heck, the Mets can't even do it.

    The Giants need to freshen things up and go in a different direction than their MLB neighbors, especially since they're not even neighbors, seeing how the Giants play in New Jersey.

In Between

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    22. Jacksonville Jaguars

    21. Carolina Panthers

    Both teams came into the league in 1995, and both teams haven't changed their logos.

    Both helmets are cool, but both don't have any history.  Therefore, they're just in between.

    Panthers get the front spot simply because they made a Super Bowl.  There really is no distinction between these two helmets.

Classic, but Could Be Changed

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    The next group of teams has helmets that are undoubtedly classics, but they're not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing.

20. Miami Dolphins

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    The Dolphins have a picture of a dolphin wearing a different-style Miami helmet on their helmet.  Not good.

    If it weren't a classic, they'd need to change it immediately.

19. Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Chiefs' helmet is simple, yet after many years it is still cool.

    The only thing I could see them doing is adding a bit of yellow to it.

    Much like Seattle, it could help with a future sponsor.  In this case, it'd be McDonald's.

18. Indianapolis Colts

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    This helmet has been graced by two of the top quarterbacks in NFL history, Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning.

    Once Manning retires, it is highly likely the Colts will have an identity crisis.

    The only way the Colts change their helmet is if the fans leave once Manning retires.  Then the Colts may need something to spice up the franchise, especially for the young fans.

17. San Francisco 49ers

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    The 49ers have a solid helmet, especially since the gold helmet actually relates to the team name.

    The shade of red has changed over the years, but other than that the helmet has remained the same.

    This is a good helmet and won't change for a while, if at all.

The Animals

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    These teams don't just have animals as nicknames (except for one), but have a distinct feature about their animals as their helmet logos.

    It's nice to see teams change it up a bit like this, which is why they're so high up on the list.

16. Minnesota Vikings

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    Though Vikings aren't an animal, their horned headgear is represented by the Minnesota helmets.

    It also gives the fans a chance to wear real Vikings hats to games while at the same time supporting their team.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    The Eagles' wings are a cool change up to your typical put-a-bird-on-your-helmet deal.

    Plus, have you seen the Eagles' old bird logo?  I would have elected to put wings on instead as well.

14. Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Bengals' helmet is simply just bengal tiger stripes, but the cool part is that no two Cincy helmets are identical. 

    The stripes on each helmet are different in some way.

    Being original gets you points on this list.  Plus, the bengal tiger logo is ugly.

13. St. Louis Rams

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    Ram horns are cool and different, unless you're Colorado State.

    At the turn of the millennium, they changed their colors from bright yellow to gold, which was a great choice moving forward.

    They're my pick for best helmet in this category.

The Youngsters

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    These helmets are relatively new, and they all have sleek designs.  The teams that wear them are pretty young as well.

    The helmets, much like their respective teams, appeal to the younger demographic.

    These are the new era in helmet designs.

12. Denver Broncos

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    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    The Broncos are the oldest of this bunch, seeing as how John Elway donned this helmet.

    The 21st century design is way better than their old helmet.

    The Broncos are going in a new direction these days as well, and much has changed about their team.

    This helmet is new and cool enough, though, that Tim Tebow will not be seeing a change in helmets while in Denver.

11. Tennessee Titans

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    After moving from Houston and changing their name, the Titans were able to come up with a pretty cool design for their helmet.

    It also incorporates parts of the Tennessee state flag, which gives them points.

10. Houston Texans

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    It's hard to come up with a logo for a Texan, but the franchise did a great job.

    Nothing shouts "Texas" more than the state flag and horns.

    It's a young team with a cool design, and many are hopping on the bandwagon.

9. Baltimore Ravens

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    Although they changed their helmet from a crest to a bird, which usually isn't cool, I give the Ravens props for it.

    They were named after the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem, which a crest has nothing to do with. 

    They still tied it back to Baltimore with a "B" in the middle of the Raven's head.

8. Detroit Lions

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    Though it's technically not a new design, the Lions revamped it after going 0-16 in 2008.

    It's a sleek new look that has helped the team win some games.  Or maybe it was more so the emergence of Calvin Johnson and Ndamukong Suh.

    The new-look Lions got out of the NFC North cellar last season and are on the rise in their new-look helmets.

7. Atlanta Falcons

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    The Falcons' old helmet was dull and boring.

    When Arthur Blank took over the team, he revamped the franchise, including the logo.

    The Falcon is a newer design and incorporates more red in it as well.

    Since then, the Falcons have seen the most continued success in franchise history, minus the Petrino year.

The Classics

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    These helmets are classics and should never be changed.  Ever.

6. New Orleans Saints

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    Although the Saints don't have as rich of a history as other teams in this section, their helmet is still a classic.

    It embodies the city of New Orleans, just like the team.  Not many teams represent their city like the Saints do.

5. San Diego Chargers

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    The Chargers finally switched back to having white helmets, which was definitely the right call.

    Now, if they can only put the numbers back on the helmets...

4. Chicago Bears

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    Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

    The orange "C" on a navy helmet will always be the Bears' helmet.

    Although it's very simple, it's a classic, which makes it awesome.

3. Dallas Cowboys

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    The Cowboys' blue star represents the Lone Star State of Texas, and has come to represent the Cowboys as well.

    The star may be the most recognized symbol in all of football, and is fitting for "America's Team."

    The helmet and logo will never get old, nor will it go out of style.

2. Green Bay Packers

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    Another classic, the Packers' helmet will also never change.

    That weird yellow color of their helmets is nostalgic in a way, and it is also almost as loud as Tennessee Orange, considering how many Packers' fans are wearing the Cheesehead hats.

The Best

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    1. Pittsburgh Steelers

    The Steelers have the best helmet in all of football.

    Not only does their logo represent the steel industry in Pittsburgh, but it's also only on one side of the helmet.

    The helmet is original, a classic and represents the city.  That gets them to No. 1 on the list.